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In Nairobi, Kenya Dipen Patel was voted as one of the top ten footballers in Africa, but this was in the under 12`s section.

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Part one: Past (c) In Nairobi, Kenya Dipen Patel was voted as one of the top ten footballers in Africa, but this was in the under 12`s section. He was only eight and he had a long career waiting for him. Dipen was a tremendous player with beautiful finishing into the back of the net and he could move like a snake. He was also as fast as lightining; he had the reflexes of a cat. He could perform magic with the ball. He had to work very hard and score goals because he was to get scouted by Arsenal so he can move to a club in England. He had to work very hard because he was one of the five top footballers in Africa. He was doing his best to be a footballer because he was trying to make his parents happy. There was one more job for him to do and that is to start training because the under 12`s Africa nations cup was about to start, and if Nairobi did win the cup Dipen was guaranteed the top five spot. ...read more.


Part 2: Present(c) Dipen was a really lucky man after the doctor told him that he could play football again after his long lay off. About 4four years ago he was injured after getting mugged and beaten and after being stabbed. Many professional footballers came to visit him in hospital when he was injured. The doctors thought the young star would be out for a very long time, but has recovered in a very short time. He talked to his parents about his career and they said "son it is now up two you on your future". He went to school and asked all his teachers and friends whether to take a medical degree or a football degree. Most of the people told him to take a medical degree because football is a very dangerous sport and anything could happen while playing. He went to the library and asked Mr George to give him some information about football and a medical degree. He hardly found any information so he decided to visit the careers library to see Mr Baggio who told him advantages and disadvantages between the two. ...read more.


and I will reject the transfer because I will be worth way more. FIFA will give me player of the year every season of my career. The world cup will be Kenya's for the 6th time and will obviously win the golden boot award again. I shall get married to the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lopez Presley. We will have three children and after use contraception. I will be a legend for my country, and so mini young semi-professional footballers can learn from me. When I am forty I will retire and divorce my wife, as she will be getting white hair and hopefully losing some hair. I will divorce her because I do not want to be a husband of someone that looks like Shirag or Ronaldo.I will give my wife 10% of my money so she can take care of all my children and with some of my other money I will buy myself a beautiful stripper wife, At 69 I will die with lack of sperm and hope to be buried at the Dipen Lopez Presley Patel Stripper residents football ground and will get buried in the middle of football ground. ...read more.

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