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Do Footballers get Paid too Much?

It has been argued that professional football players are being overpaid for their profession.  In this essay I shall be expressing the opinions from both sides of the argument in order for myself to come to a conclusion.  The general complaint has derived from the general public’s view that only the minority of the money is spent on things other than the players themselves, despite their occupation being one of simplicity and unbeneficial to society when first looked upon.

To begin with, I shall overview what effect the pay of these citizens has upon our society if at all.  It is apparent that their contribution is worth while in the sense that it promotes good business, (due to its appeal across the board; all ages, males and -the ever increasing- female viewers and supporters of the renowned international sport) it provides many job opportunities such as coaches, cleaners, those in the box/ticket office, wardens, first-aid, security, construction businesses for the construction of stadiums etc.  This showing that there are many links to the different array of jobs which are available, all of which are outcomes from the main source – the general publics want of football as an entertainment; both live and on television.

Those who argue that footballers are paid too much are mainly comparing the lifestyle and career of the professionals to those who have chosen a career which gives first-hand evidence that people other than themselves are being cared for.  For example, those practising medicine and those who teach.  They believe that a ridiculous amount of money is spent on players who do not give willingly, who aren’t likely to spend even half the amount of money they earn, and that it is spent unwisely whereas the finances could easily benefit charities, sporting activities and the likes.  Such case has recently been brought about that a young footballer has given £1 million to finance a hospital, despite his income being nothing in comparison to that of David Beckham’s, who recently signed a contract which has guaranteed him £11 million a year whilst working for Manchester Utd.  The former example is ideal in showing what the vast amount of the population conceives professional footballers should do with the money they earn rather than providing themselves with all things unnecessary in life, resulting in greed.

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In simple terms, the working class argue that footballers aren’t giving away the money that they earn so should have a cut.   However, expressed in another form, despite footballers having a short lived career and therefore needing a large income to survive on in the future, their wage is preposterously high and more abundant than what is necessary.

On the other hand, it is argued that despite some footballers being paid so much, many do not have such an incredibly high wage.  Meaning that if the football player’s wages were to be cut, those lower down the scale would ...

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