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In this essay I am going to look at look at football and athletics & fitness within the sports industry

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Unit 3 - The sports industry Introduction The sports industry has grown so much in the last decade that sports and leisure activities are a part of everyday life. The sports industry manages how much money is brought in and out of every sports business and organisation. There are hundreds of different areas of work within this industry including, media coverage, participation, spectation and merchandising. Within all of these areas there are 3 sectors which each organisation falls into, they are. * Public - this area is run and owned by local authorities or council. * Private - you need to pay a joining fee and a membership is needed. * Voluntary - sports clubs and participation. In this essay I am going to look at look at football and athletics & fitness within the sports industry. Unit 3 - Task 1 Football Football is the UK's biggest sport and is maintaining its popularity in spectation and participation. It has always been the nation's favourite sport and has been growing since around 1992 when the premier league had just started. Since then the money that football has made has been indescribable. Participation The participation from football has the best feedback from the younger generation. As the nations biggest sport, children are encouraged to take part at an early age and get involved in competitive leagues. Here is a table showing the participation of football throughout 2 years: 1998 2000 % point change Base: Adults 2,060 1,984 1998 - 2000 Football Any Regularly Occasionally 17 10 7 17 11 7 ~ +1 ~ This table shows the statistics of a large group of adults that take part in football and how often they played in percentages. This table proves the growth of football as looking at the % point change you can see that it increased by 1%. In the next table it shows a sample of people that participate in the sport and their ages: Age 16 - 19 20 -24 25 -34 ...read more.


The large growth in participation is due to the growth of private sector sport. The sporting goods sector is the largest sector of the industry and data that we receive is reliable enough to predict how much will be spent on sporting goods in the next few years. Golf is the largest market as a result of popularity and growth of the market and how much it costs to buy the equipment. Unit 3 - Task 2 Football The organisations of sports events, leagues and tournaments etc. takes a lot of planning out and the plans for it goes through a number of different people. The planning becomes more important when you move up the scale towards the more professional level, then more important again when it comes to tournaments eg. FA Cup. Starting at the lower level, the organisation of amateur and none competitive leagues go through a list of people but not as many as there tends to be with professional leagues. The league is organised by 2 or more people for 1 league and are responsible for all the administration in this league. This includes sorting out the teams and fixtures etc. When it comes to cups and tournaments within the county, this goes to a higher level and it goes to someone that is involved but has little to do with every team in the county and that person is responsible for entering the teams into the cup. It is the managers of the team to organise everything once the match is set up; travel, pitch, or problems with when the match is etc. all of the people listed above do not get paid for this service except the director of sports for the county as he is responsible for football and every other sport in the county. Once it gets to national level there are associations and boards that organise the events. ...read more.


All of these trends start to happen mainly through advertisement when people see what is happening in the football world, this sets off a lot of small groups of people starting to buy or wear the latest trend and this starts to spread, this allows the trend to grow to national size and before long the trend is all over the country. This is when the marketers look for new trends as trends start to dye out when it becomes national. Athletics As it is not a highly popular sport there aren't a lot of trends in athletics to do with clothing etc. but people like Paula Radcliff have set off trends. The way she has performed has led people to participate in running themselves. Unlike football which is a regular week to week occurrence you have to train immensely and prepare yourself for runs this long and a lot of people have found it very inspiring to watch things like the London marathon and the great north run. After every Olympic Games there is a slight increase in the number of participants in athletics clubs which is due to people watching it at home and is then interested to participate. There is such an increase as there are so many different sports involved so the amount of people that want to try each sport brings in big numbers to all of the different clubs. The same as football, athletics has its trends with the clothing that is worn, especially with trainers. A lot of the running shoes have become very popular and trendy to wear, marketers think this is because of the originality of the footwear and that people are wanting to look different but there are so many people with this urge to look different that they all end up buying the same original clothing, leading to many different trends within the industry. ...read more.

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