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Local Leisure Market

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Local Leisure Market By Martin Wade Introduction In this report I will be writing a summery of the local leisure market in Sheffield. I will be talking about the seven components which are: * Sport and Physical Recreation * Home Based Leisure * Catering * Countryside Recreation * Outdoor Children's Play * Arts and Entertainment * Visitor Attractions I will then go on to talk about the 'grey areas' within these components. After this I will be explaining about catalyst for change within the local leisure market and then explain the planning process before looking at the different components in more detail. There are many overlaps/grey areas between the seven components. Some examples: Country side recreation overlaps with sport and physical recreation in some cases for instance bike riding falls in to both categories. Another example would be Home based leisure and catering. Does cooking and eating in the home fall in to the catering category. although there are grey areas looking at the city in terms of the seven components does allow us to evaluate local provision. Catalyst for Change What we mean by this are the organisations and bodies that bring change to the city i.e. ...read more.


Sheffield also has a great number of health and Fitness clubs, it is home to the more popular and prestige clubs like Greens and Esporta, but the city is also packed with smaller clubs like Concord Sports Centre and many other smaller clubs. Because Sheffield is home to two professional football teams again this boost there position when it comes to sport and physical recreation. Overall I give Sheffield a mark of 9 out of 10 in this category. Catering: Catering in Sheffield is good apart from if you are looking for somewhere a bit more classy. Sheffield is full of Pizza Hits, Burger Kings, and Mc Donalds, but there are no nice fancy restaurants around for if your wanting to take a chick on a date etc. Overall I would give Sheffield 7 out of 10. Home Based Leisure: The evidence suggests that Sheffield is quite good as far as home based leisure is concerned. The city has lots of block buster video stores and many retail stores that sell the latest video games and all other things that you may need for home entertainment. Examples of other retail stores that support home based leisure are: Hobbycraft, WH Smiths, HMV, Comet, Currys, Dixons. ...read more.


Because Sheffield doesn't have the classy restaurants like some of the other bigger city's this drastically effects its status in this particular area. Home based leisure on the other hand scores highly but again I think this is mainly due to the fact that Sheffield is a big city and as if its not going to sell a lot of home based leisure products i.e. 'Home Base' , after all there are a lot of houses in a big city! We now come to 'arts and entertainment' were the evidence suggests that Sheffield scores highly with quite a few small theatres like the Merlin theatre producing some excellent shows. Sheffield is also home to the Lyceum which is quite a popular and famous theatre showing some of the more famous plays etc. Now on to child's play were has said above scores very well which plenty of parks etc for the kids to explore. I think has Sheffield is known as being a very green city this helps in providing areas for kids parks and play areas to be developed. On now to the last one which is 'country side recreation', I don't think much really needs to be said about this as I think everyone known how near we are to the peak district which is packed with things to do i.e. rambling, walking and many outdoor pursuit activities to be enjoyed. ...read more.

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