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Plan, Perform, Monitor and evaluate your own fitness programme for Football in order to demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of fitness training Principles

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Plan, Perform, Monitor and evaluate your own fitness programme for Football in order to demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of fitness training Principles Many things affect your performance in games. Training preparation and fitness definitely affect your performance in games this is because when you train you improve everything needed to play football. If you exercise and train on cardiovascular endurance therefore you can last a whole game without tiring which is great because then you can play without the team having the strain of carrying you through the match. So if you train you become fitter if the training involves steady progression, this will enable you to play the game without tiring or straining yourself to hard. The better and more you exercise won't just affect your fitness it affects all three aspects of your health. The three aspects of health are social, mental and physical well-being. If you do exercise the social well-being would improve because you go to classes and meet people and make new friends so exercise = more friends+ and greater social well being. Exercise helps your mental well-being because you deal with stress and new skills and tactics giving you focus and determination. It also helps when the day is bad for oneself you can go out and relieve stress and tension that has built up during the day. ...read more.


When your heart rate is normal this means no benefit from training so this is bad so I have to make myself go above 60% of my max heart rate for someone my age because everyone has a different heart rate. It is believed that your max heart rate is 220- your own age e.g. 220 - 15 = 205 beats a minute which is extremely fast therefore 123 is my aerobic point and 174 is my anaerobic point. A way you can see your anaerobic point is on this graph: To make my fitness programme effective for my current level of fitness I will use many bits of information gathered such as the results from nine fitness tests preformed in class times also I will use whether recent illness has effected my performance of late. The results were in a table like this one: This table shows that I had an average attempt but can improve in allot of areas so I will focus on these areas. The areas that most concerns me is co-ordination and reactions this is because they are needed most of the time playing football e.g. when I need to dribble and look up for options so this is good when a cross can get into the box. ...read more.


The gross body movement stage this time is to give oxygen to the muscles meaning lactic acid can be removed thus giving the muscle less stiffness. During the warm up you go from slow to fast this time go from fast to slow. Use many of the techniques shown in section five on the warm up. Finish off the cool down with some stretches this should loosen your muscles and prevent stiffness because usually after exercise muscles are often tight. As before in the warm up go from ankles upwards. Use the stretches shown in the warm up section. To monitor my performance of my activities in the 6 sessions I will use this table: I have used this table because it sets a target for each session and shows how close I was to meeting the target so if my sessions are good I should reach the target easily each time. I will make sure that the area is safe for others and myself. I will pack things away and leave them in safe places and make sure they are out of the way. I will try to set up things in an area that is out of the way of other people so noone is harmed. I will put things away immediately away after use. I will wear suitable clothing that is easy to do all the activities required. ...read more.

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