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Report consisting of local, regional and national teams in football and rugby league.

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My report will consist of local, regional and national teams in football and rugby league. Local football My local, regional and national football team is Tranmere Rovers FC; they currently have 26 members of their first team, which is managed by Ronnie Moore. They play in the Coca-Cola Football League One, which is basically the 2nd division excluding the premiership. In 1999, the sports market was valued at around �4.17 billion, an increase of 4.9 per cent on the 1998 value. This means that football on its own makes nearly a quarter of the sports market now. The most successful avenue has been in the form of replica clothing and football shirts. This particular commercialisation of sports increases revenue for teams and is one of the major sources of income. A perfect example of this would be when Real Madrid bought David Beckham from Manchester United for �20 million plus. This was a very high transfer price but Real Madrid were very clever because they knew that they would earn millions of pounds from replica kits bought because they had Beckham playing for them. Most premiership clubs now have superstores attached to their grounds where supporters can buy merchandise. Clubs can also expand their retail business to other countries, the top teams in the world have stores in Asia where football is very popular, even more so when they have Asian players in their team. ...read more.


They compete in the National league 1 which is a division below the Super league. When they were relegated from the super league in 2005 they decided to remain a professional side rather than switch to amateur, this resulted in the club being in debt because they failed to achieve promotion to the super league. On 29 January 1999 Halton Borough Council took over responsibility for the entire Stadium, both financially and managerially. This was necessary as the joint venture companies arrangements were not performing as expected. This plunged the club into even more debt. Halton stadium can now hold 13,350; Widnes Vikings only have an average attendance of only 6,500. This is much lower than other clubs in the league and one of the main reasons could be the ticket prices. A season ticket can be up to �224.00 A normal match day ticket can be �16 This is much higher than other clubs in the league and this could explain the low attendances. Merchandising is also a major part of the Vikings revenue. They sell replica kits in many sport shops, these shirts cost up to �20-�30. Another avenue for revenue is advertising and TV revenue. Sky sports 1 regularly show live Widnes Viking's games during the season. The money from TV revenue is a much needed source of income for rugby league sides. ...read more.


This is illustrated by the figures shown by Deloitte, club revenues of over �1.4 billion in 2005-06 while is 2007/2008 it is expected to be above �1.8 billion. With the new three year deal Sky will pay �1.314 billion for 92 games and Setanta �392 million for 46 games. Foreign TV rights will produce �625 million in revenue whilst Internet and Mobile Phone revenue will be �400 million. The top club in Premiership will receive �50m (including prize money as well as TV revenue) compared to �30.4 million with the current deal. The new deals will, by a significant margin, provide the Premier League with the second richest set of television contracts negotiated by any sports league in the world. This is a lot of money for a business that started out in public schools in the late 80's, and there are a lot of drawbacks for the fans because of the media and the sponsorship deals such as: Rule changing Because the game is watched by millions of fans all around the world, on certain channels that have paid millions of pounds to be able to show, they can have the influence to change the rules. In 1994 the golden goal was introduced, this meant that if the game went into extra-time, the first team to score a 'golden goal' would therefore win the game. It was introduced to the game to stimulate offensive tactics and flair by teams and effectively reduce the number of penalty shoot-outs. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Blake IVA Task 5 ...read more.

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