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Has the Conservative party abandoned Thacherism?

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"Has the Conservative party abandoned Thacherism"? (25) The current Conservative party rejected the Thacherite view that there is no such thing as a society because there are only individuals also she believed that there was "no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation" this suggest she does not believe in benefits and that people should work without state interference on the other hand the leader of the conservative's campaign theme was the 'big society'. The big society represents four things liberalism, empowerment to the community, Freedom for the people and responsibility towards society. David Cameron in many ways modernised the Conservative party drawing away from Thatcher for example Thatcher and her party at the time was homophobic she made the promotion of homosexuality in schools illegal and most of the Tories voted against gay adoption however David Cameron strengthen legal status of homosexuals by treating them more equal. ...read more.


Thatcher denied any link between poverty and inequality nevertheless Cameron shifted the conservative party towards 'new Labour' who believe poverty is a pressing issue that is triggered mainly because environment or inequality. However he may be considered to be like Thatcher because Cameron and his team criticised Gordon Brown for creating dependency culture otherwise known as a 'nanny state' and term associated with Thachrites. Cameron believes that poverty is best avoided by marriage, advocating a return to the marriage tax allowance. Poverty increased under Thatcher leaving at the end of the Conservative tenure one in three children living in households with less than half the average income then she was saying poverty didn't exist. Cameron is allot more sympathetic towards people living in poverty and the well-off and losing more than the poor to maintain child benefits for the poor he says he's hitting the rich the hardest. Thatcher view in tax and public spending was fairly simple it was to cut income tax thus cutting government spending consequently having a small state. ...read more.


Cameron also dislikes Europe for example he changed his allies from France and Germany with anti euro parties that are extremely right wing eastern Europeans. This may indicate that he is growing more so into a Thatcherite. The environment was not really a major issue in the time of Thatcher although she did a little for the environment. It first became a real important issue in 1988 when the green party done well winning their first sit in parliament. However Cameron slogan for the general election was 'Vote blue, Go green' Cameron promised to 'stand up to businesses over such carbon emissions'. He also rides a bike to work and he change the logo from an intimidating torch to a scribbled tree which suggest he has gone green. In conclusion David Cameron is different to Margret Thatcher however he is becoming more similar this could be because of the September 08' recession or it could be because he is now in power so he is showing his true ideologies although I believe that it is the recession that is forcing him to change his views. ...read more.

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