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Advantages of direct and representative democracy

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´╗┐Explain the advantages of Direct democracy. An advantage of Direct democracy is that it is the purest form of democracy as people aren?t representing you, so your views get across without being manipulated, which in turn will encourage more people to get involved in politics. Another advantage is that all voters are equal in the sense that everyone is a politician because they are politically active. Each voter?s opinion is equal to everyone else?s. ...read more.


Direct democracy removes power from the hands of the elite and affirms that power lies with the people. It raises issues that the elite do not want to address, giving power to the people. Explain the advantages of Representative democracy. An advantage of Representative democracy is that it is practical. The size of the modern state makes it necessary for a small group of elected politicians to make the big decisions. This good because it puts decision-making in the hands of people with sufficient knowledge and experience, so outrageous changes will not be made. ...read more.


Referendums allow the people to get their views across about a particular issue. Elections are free, fair and regular. This means that each person has the right to hold their own opinion and nobody should try to manipulate them. Each vote is equal, therefore nobody has more authority that anyone else. Elections are held every few years which stops the people from becoming bored, as they don?t have to vote all the time. Secrets ballots affirm the people?s right to vote as they wish without having to fear others. How do elections promote democracy? ...read more.

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