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How does British Airways affect local communities?

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Stakeholders Someone who has an interest or influence on a business is known as a stakeholder. This includes; shareholders, local communities, employees, employers, customers, suppliers and the government. Any decisions made by British Airways will most likely affect some, if not all stakeholders and vice-versa. How does British Airways affect local communities? Social Costs Britain's largest airline has a negative effect in some cases on local communities, which is a very important stakeholder for the firm. British Airways' activities often cause social costs, and sometimes social benefits. This affects the local community. However, this is only the case for communities very close to airports where British Airways mainly operates. This is because aeroplane noise, which is the main social cost, can only be heard during take-off, landing and taxiing. Aircrafts and vehicles emit nitrogen dioxide (NO) ...read more.


British Airways organises tours around their offices for GCSE students. They have created a mock check-in and aeroplane so that pupils can gain experience in air transport. This increases the students' knowledge and improves British Airways' image in the society. As well as this, they provide work experience placements at their offices. They also provide hundreds of jobs for students in higher education. The environment has suffered a lot over the last century due to new technology. This is why firms as big as British Airways do their best to help the environment around us. To do this, they have opened a 240 acre nature park called Waterside. This is for all members of the community to enjoy the great surroundings offered. The PLC has also proven to be a good neighbour. They have financially helped a lot of residents install triple-glazing into their houses to reduce aeroplane noise. ...read more.


The main reason as to why pressure groups are formed is because of damages towards the environment. If local communities are unhappy with a business because they have caused damages to the environment or their surroundings, they are very likely to create a pressure group. This will affect the way British Airways operates. Pressure groups are at their worst when they get environmental organizations to join. This will persuade the international airline to change their schedules and maybe even their technology. A change in technology can possibly reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide and fine particles emitted by aircraft engines. This will reduce the amount of harmful gases in the Earth's atmosphere. British Airways has always tried their best to prevent pressure groups from forming. This is why they use extra economy fuel to reduce harmful substances from emitting and have also provided financial support for neighbours to have triple glazing installed to reduce the amount of noise. ?? ?? ?? ?? Awais Riaz Page 1 ...read more.

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