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How Representative Is The UK Political System

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"How representative is the UK political system?" Representative government is generally interpreted to refer to a form of government where legislature with significant decision-making powers is freely elected. It is also sometimes argued that representatives should reflect the social and gender composition of the electorate. The UK is representative democracy is shown as follows: 1. Parliament is the source of all political authority. People cannot exercise any power without the sanction of Parliament. The PM even inherits his powers from the monarchy. 2. We elect people on our behalf, so MP are either associated with the House of Commons or the House of Lords. ...read more.


If we look at the representation of people of different groups in the, Houses of Parliament, we can see that there is high and low numbers of certain minority's. For instance the % of woman in the House of Commons is 23.1% and the % for men is 76.9%. Whereas 56.2% are over 50 and 43.8% are below 50, 19.2% with business backgrounds, 2.3% of ethnic minorities and 39.0% with all professions. This shows that there is not a fully representation for all people. For instance men will be voting on topics which if it's a woman's topic they will have a say on behalf of woman when it will never affect them. ...read more.


So my judgment with representative is that it is not all its made up to be. For instance you vote for your representative but then what happens after that? Yes he will take into account what his constituency say but at the end of the day he will do what he wants to. This is the problem, in my opinion, with representative democracy, unless they do what you want there not really representing you but that's the risk you take because they are still entitled to there opinion. But you can look at the benefit that at least you have someone there that you can write to with your concerns and they can help you in some cases with what to do and can give you information on certain subjects. ...read more.

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