How effectively does representative democracy operate in the UK?

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How effectively does representative democracy operate in the UK?

The effectiveness can be judged on the basis of the control that the public exerts over its politicians. United Kingdom having a representative democracy has brought significant changes in recent years. Whereas once it was possible to describe democracy in the UK largely through the role of elections and Parliament, the democratic process is believed to now be more complex and diffuse. However representative democracy has its advantages of allowing representatives that have more experience, knowledge and expertise to be in power. Representatives are able to educate the public about political issues to widen their knowledge and understandings.  And different sections of society and various political causes and beliefs can be well presented by elected representatives.

UK’s representative democracy operates effectively through several ways one being, through the holding of free and fair elections.  By the end of the 18th century, the basic civil liberties of freedom of speech, conscience and assembly were widely accepted in the UK. As electoral democracy developed in the 19th century, these ensured that voters could think for themselves and express their own views at election time. This was supported by the introduction of the secret ballot in 1872, which helped bring an end to intimidation at election times. Also in 2000 the establishment of the Electoral Commission took place, whose aim was to ensure the integrity of, and public confidence in, the UK’s democratic process. In 2006 they made a number of improvements to electoral registration, improving the security arrangements for absent voting, allowing observers to attend elections and a major change in reducing the minimum age for candidates at UK Parliamentary elections. It also introduced the Performance Standards regime for electoral services. This shows that our democracy operates effectively through those ways and that it will be taken further in the future, making things even better to what they are now.

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Another way how democracy operates well in the UK is through parliament. Parliament lies at the heart of the democratic process. The UK is therefore a parliamentary democracy.  Parliament is the main institution that links government to the people. For example Parliament ensures representative government because the dominant chamber of Parliament, the House of Commons, is elected. MP’s represent their constituencies and the House of Commons serves as the debating chamber of the nation. This therefore shows that representative democracy operates effectively in the UK.

Our democracy also operates well in the UK through referendums. When they were first introduced ...

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