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Micro Policy - Airport Expansion

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Introduction: - Airport Expansion is a controversial issue for all parties." Nearly 200 million people passed through UK airports in 2002, and this is expected to more than double by 2020 and, reach nearly 500million by 2030" (Airport Expansion, 2008). This is a major problem for any governing party. "The government published a white paper on The Future of Air Transport in 2003, setting out a 30-year framework for the growth of the aviation industry." (Airport Expansion, 2008). In 2005 the issue of Airport Expansion was taken to the High Court which "decided that government plans for airport expansion in the South West are lawful" (Q&A: Airport expansion, 2005). This was hugely important for the Labour government as it meant that it could push ahead with its plans to build new runways at both Heathrow and Stansted. "South East airports are used by 120 million of the 200 million UK passengers flying each year" (Q&A: Airport expansion, 2005). ...read more.


It causes massive public controversy because many people believe that we should be cutting down on the amount of air travel, rather than encouraging people to fly more. "The government defends airport expansion in terms of personal choice" (Airport Expansion, 2008) because they believe that if people want to fly then they have the right to. "Airport Expansion is at the same time one of the biggest subjects of environmental protest of recent times" (Airport Expansion, 2008) because some people believe that aeroplanes are the biggest cause of global warming that the world has. When the matter was taken to the High Court it was "said that while a second runway at Stanstead was a 'fair outcome of the consultation process', the statement that the runway would be 'the wide-spaced runway option presented in the consultation document' was unfair" this is because people were unhappy that the second runway had effectively been given the go ahead by the High Court despite their pleas. ...read more.


(Reaction: Heathrow expansion plan, 2007) and that "Noise levels around Heathrow have dropped by a third following the demise of Concorde". (Reaction: Heathrow expansion plan, 2007). The Green Party's view is that "the cost of the government's grand project at Heathrow will be illness due to increased pollution in West London, intrusive and stress-inducing noise as far east as Finsbury Park, and economic damage to the whole city." (Reaction: Heathrow expansion plan, 2007) Conclusion:- In conclusion it is likely to be implemented under the new government because the Conservative Party feel that the idea of airport expansion is the only way to bring more money in, so as to try and reduce some of the deficit. However, the problem that the Conservative's may encounter is that the Liberal Democrats do not agree with the idea of using the expansion of airports to reduce the deficit. ?? ?? ?? ?? Micro-Policy: - Airport Expansion Olivia Boyes A2 Politics 1 | Page ...read more.

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