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Pressure group democracy.

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Pressure group democracy A) Internal pressure group democracy is the democracy that exists inside a pressure group. Since pressure groups have many different members which all have their own agendas, it becomes increasingly hard to guide the pressure group in the way in which you want it to go, if it does not all ready have a specific policy to follow. The RSPCA is facing a similar problem to this at this very moment. With the debate of blood sports such as fox hunting continuing, the RSPCA is conspicuous by it's lack of comment on the subject. This is not be choice but by necessity. The RSPCA has a great many members and among those members are some very pro Blood sports members. For the charity to come out and say that it is against blood sports would no doubt annoy a great many members and would put their support for the charity/pressure group in jeopardy. ...read more.


The first fact is that in one aspect, the above question is completely wrong. The powerful in society are normally on the receiving end of attacks by pressure groups mainly because they are the ones the pressure groups are objecting to in the first place. Tony Blair may be a very powerful man, but I doubt that most of the pressure groups are there to help; rather they are they to try and get him to do things for them. The very principle of pressure groups is for normal people to be able to tell the powerful people what they think and what they want. So, in that respect pressure groups are hindering the powerful people in society. However, if you look at it another way, you can see what the question is getting at. Most big, powerful pressure groups will need lots of money and powerful backing to be able to do anything significant. ...read more.


Local and small pressure groups can achieve a great deal with very little finance and perhaps these are the most effective at getting what people really believe in done. And yes, a poor person is not going to be able to start up a multinational pressure group overnight, but they can start up a local pressure group overnight and if they really feel that something needs to be done nationally, then I am sure they can join one of the many pressure groups that already deal with that type of thing. Money and power are not needed to set up a pressure group and pressure groups do not help them the most. Pressure groups in their simplest form are something that anyone can easily join because it is fighting for the things that the average person will believe in. Sometimes powerful people back them up, but the benefits still come to the members and pressure groups help the average person more than they help the powerful person. C J Littlewood ...read more.

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