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Sir Wilfrid Laurier

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Sir Wilfrid Laurier Born on November 20, 1841, Wilfrid Laurier entered into a poor family that could barely scrape together enough money to buy food for the children food. Laurier was a smart child and his parents new that he accomplish great things. Because Laurier was so smart, his father made a decision that could benefit or destroy the rest of Laurier's life. His father decided to send him to an English speaking school in Montreal to give him a better education than he was being provided with. When Laurier headed off to University he attended McGill University to study Law. By then Laurier spoke English and French fluently and he wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind. In university Laurier managed a high academic profile, studying to become a lawyer as well as a part time job as a law clerk. ...read more.


This is believed because of their striking resemblance. When Laurier ran for a seat in the Quebec Legislature in 1871, he felt very strongly about people having freedom to vote in their own opinion. In 1874 he was elected as an MP. Even after the Catholics told people not to vote for freethinking Liberals. After 13 years as an MP he became Liberal leader. And in 1896 defeated the Conservatives and became Prime Minister. After Laurier was elected as prime minister he tried to make Canada no longer divided along language and religion lines. In 1896 gold was discovered in the Klondike. Because of this, people went north to claim the riches. Laurier also wanted people to go west by offering them free land in exchange for setting up homesteads. ...read more.


They called it a 'Tin Pot Navy'. Laurier ordered the program of eleven ships. * A Badicea- Class armored cruiser * 4 Bristol- Class light cruisers * 6 destroyers The first Captain of Canada's first commissioned ship the HMCS Rainbow. In 1910 almost 8000 farmers went to Ottawa to demand better wheat prices. The next year Laurier worked out a deal for the farmers but upset the eastern business owners. The next year an election was held and the Canadians voted against "trade with the Yankees" and "a tin pot navy" and they won. Laurier died February 17, 1919 at the age of seventy-eight. The last thing he said was "C'est fini" (which translates to It's finished) to his wife that was by his bedside. He died of two paralytic strokes just like First prime minister Sir. John A. McDonald. At Lauriers funeral 50 000 people lined the streets of Ottawa. This was one of the first public events to be recorded on film. ...read more.

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