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Success of pressure groups

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Success of pressure groups Pressure groups are organizations that attempt to influence the government to often enough change or introduce a law. Pressure groups aim to influence political decision-making, however unlike political parties they do not run in the election campaign. Pressure groups can be from a small village to huge worldwide organizations, each of which will fight to have themselves heard in many different ways, an example of this is lobbying the organization they are trying to influence. Many of the acts that pressure groups are involved in can be considered unlawful, but many participants do this merely to attract the attention of the government so that their views can be heard and expressed. However so that pressure groups are not generalized, it is important to note that many of the official pressure groups tend to stay lawful in their acts. The success of a pressure group can sometimes be difficult to define as there are some particular organizations that have a huge amount of members and yet their views are still not recognized or they have been unsuccessful in expressing themselves in a way that has influenced the law. ...read more.


This particular type of pressure group has to work outside the government's organization. However outsider pressure groups can be further sub-divided, for example some outsider groups are merely waiting to become insider groups, but in order for this to happen they have to wait for a political climax, such as a change in government. Also there are outsider pressure groups that are not aiming to become insiders, these consist mainly of single-issue groups. Single issue groups are an organization that form to fight against one particular issue such as building a multi-story car park where a forest stands, then once this issue has been resolved they merely disband. A pressure groups situation within this area can often affect whether they are going to be successful in their acts. Insider groups often tend to be favored in influencing decisions as are informed of what is going on around them by the government, which means they can then act on this information. Outsider pressure groups normally have to find information on their own and because they are rarely addressed by the government they have to commit unlawful acts such as protests in order to get themselves heard and noticed. ...read more.


They may have produced a lot of support from many people but have not yet actually been able to influence the government in their decision on whether to leave Europe. However this aspect is a very large ideal and therefore it is expected that this pressure group alone would have trouble influencing the government on such a major issue. There are other pressure groups such as 'Green Peace' and 'Friends of the Earth' that have had countless success's in their ideals but these ideals have never been to unachievable, such as the withdrawal from Europe. In conclusion for this essay, it is easy to see why there are pressure groups and that the majority of them are fighting for a worthy cause and therefore are successful in that degree. However many pressure groups are not even given a chance to express their points of view to the government and the public, and therefore are doomed to fail miserably in their campaign. With the advances of technology it should be easier for pressure groups to prosper and therefore, more of what the people want will be heard by government, which means that it makes it easier for success of pressure groups in this democratic society today. Jamie Gallo 12 DLF Ms.Simpson ...read more.

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