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The significance of new liberalism in giving the Liberal Party its great general election victory in 1906.

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In the following essay I will be talking about the significance of new liberalism in giving the Liberal Party its great general election victory in 1906. I will also be discussing other factors which could have lead to the Liberal Party wining the election. I will be talking about the Conservative Parties' mistakes and whether it played a major role in the Liberals wining the 1906 general election than "New Liberalism" itself. Liberals & the poverty reports Poverty became an important political issue in the early 1900s.A man called Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree and Charles Booth did there own individual study on people in poverty. Mr Rowntree's book, Poverty: a study of town life was read by thousands of people and Charles Booth's book on labouring poor in London were read by hundreds more. The general public were shocked by the findings. Which showed that the victorian ideology that poverty was the fault of the poor themselves was just not true. Also that the poor were in no position to help themselves; no matter how hard they worked they would never earn enough to provide them with adequate food. ...read more.


The Liberals said that this was Chinese slavery due to the fact that the Chinese had poor living and working conditions. This caused humanitarian concerns, and people felt that potential emigration routes would be closed. Also trade unionist felt that Chinese slavery could spread to Britain. The Liberal Party used this as an advantage to expose the Conservative Party as an insensitive one. Taff Vale 1901 The Taff Vale judgement occurred in 1901. The workers at the Taff Vale Railway Company went on strike. This was due to the fact that they wanted a rise in wages for the reason that the company had an increase in profits. In consequence of the strike the Taff Vale Company sued the unions for damages to compensate for loss of revenue during the strike. The government did not intervene or reverse the Taff Vale decision and therefore the Conservative Party lost a lot of supporters. The reason they lost a lot of support was as the trade union was sued this meant that every time the trade unions went on strike the company could sue for what ever reasons. ...read more.


Therefore they gained a lot of support not only from ex-conservative mps but from the people. The reason the people backed the Liberals was because they felt that free trade kept the prices of food and other accessories low ; but with imposition of tariffs they thought that food prices and etc would rise. Other Factors Other factors which lead to the Conservative Party losing votes and the Liberals gaining them were, the way in which the Conservatives dealt with factors such as unemployment. The main issue about unemployment was that the Conservatives were not dealing with it the way in which the public wanted it to be dealt with. So, therefore they went on to lose more support. Another problem which let the Conservative Party down was the "first past the post" system. Lack of Conservative Party organisation was also an issue as this meant that for every mistake they made they could not clear it up or even convince the public that what they were doing was for the benefit for the people. An example of this was when Chamberlain thought that it was a good idea for Britain to implement "tariff protection" he should have explained clearly how it would be beneficial to the Britons in the future. ...read more.

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