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To what extent is a president to control the Federal Bureaucracy?

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Restraints on the federal bureaucracy derive from the constitution and from current law. Presidential power, congressional power, and the federal courts serve to limit the power of the bureaucracy. The president constrains the bureaucracy through his appointment power, the federal bureaucracy is decided by the president he appoints lots of jobs in the federal bureaucracy that does not have a limitation by congress, so therefore this is a main power that the president has within controlling get. This is one of the reasons why the president has a strong trust in his EXOP side of the federal bureaucracy, supposedly his "most loyal servants and advisers". The second power that the president has is the removal powers, Article 2 of the Constitution, which gives the President the power to appoint government officials, does not explicitly provide the President with the power to remove officials. One of the other powers is to change the organizational structure of the executive branch, when a new president comes into power changes to the federal bureaucracy are made, each president has certain preferences ...read more.


bigger picture of what they are supposed to be doing, dept interst often triumphs over national interest, this can cause problems to the president under decipline, he has appointed a member of the bureaucracy that isn't following the presidents view and putting the agency first, this often resorts in the loss of job and support by the president. One of the main problems a president from a new party in power has is Incrementalism, this is where the federal bureaucracy is against change, under each president there could be a change in the organizational structure or jobs, they are reluctant to do this, they have a conservative resistance to change therefore making it hard for a new party in power, under a new president. The president isn't the only person who controls the federal bureaucracy there are some Congress controls aswell, Congress tries to control the bureaucracy by influencing the appointment of agency heads, They occasionally eliminate an agency, One federal agency which is due to be removed is the Election Assistance Commission. ...read more.


This can also be done via judicial review in the Supreme court if the federal bureaucracy goes against something in the constitution the supreme court can stop it via judicial review. In conclusion the federal bureaucracy is controlled largely by the president to a certain extent, whilst the president appoints members of the federal bureaucracy to their position without approval of congress, due to him being able to change the structure of the bureaucracy adding and removing departments he has physical control over them but control also comes from the legislative side of the government congress, they can use their powers to influence the appointment of agency heads and can eliminate and agency and finally the judiciary plays a role in providing a check and balnce on the bureaucracy e.g. if a bill violates a constitutional right therefore the executive branch have to stop the bill. There are reasons outside of politics which control them such as the media as they will try to expose and dig up dirt on any aspect of the federal bureaucracy and hold them accountable for any mistakes made. ...read more.

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