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Explain the principal psychological perspectives as applied to the understanding of the development of individuals.

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P2, Explain the principal psychological perspectives as applied to the understanding of the development of individuals. In this assignment, I will be presenting a case study in order to explain the principal psychological perspectives as applied to the understanding of the development of individuals. Development Psychology is the study of age related changes throughout the human life span. It identifies the biological, psychological and social characteristics that influence the growing process of an individual. This whole process of studies beings with Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Jean Piaget (1896-1980), their focus of development was on the maturation of children. However, researchers who study human development expanded their interest to include the study of the physical, motor, cognitive, intellectual, emotional, personality, social and moral changes that occur throughout all stages of the life span. Case Study Candice is 6years and lives in central London. Drug substances and violence surrounded her daily life. She lives with her single mother who involved herself in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. Candice found herself beat with coat hangers and a belt. Her mother was not home that often and she was forced to sit outside, so that she could sell some drugs. Her mother was uneducated and supported the family with benefits. ...read more.


She feels no guilt in being independent but according to Erikson. She feels inferior due to the lack of praise and reward from her mother. According to Jean Piaget and his stages of cognitive development, children construct their knowledge of the world through reorganisation and they move to higher level of psychological thinking. He looked at how children think of themselves and their environment, when moving through each stage. In these stages, children select what they see and they interpret. In the preoperational stage, from age 2-7, children should have a mastery of language and use words to represent objects. During this stage, children cannot use developmental capacities systematically. They are more egocentric, have the tendency to understand the world through your own position. They quality their own thoughts to inanimate objects, known as animism. For example, a child may say that the sky is sad because the sun is not shinning. They have no sense of concentration, a tendency to concentrate on one aspect of problem, like having tunnel vision. It is called conservation studies, which are a series of tests for children to test their concepts of length, quantity, area and volume. ...read more.


Candice was put in a special education class when she was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. She often fantasized about extracting punishment towards her father's death through violent means. She also killed her own pet, and terrorized other animals. She grew up living in poverty in a single-parent home. She was surrounded by drugs and abuse and grew up without a father figure. She was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, although not directly related to violence, may have recognized to frustration, which in turn could lead to anger and aggressive behaviour. Candice is now taken into care. If she were to be returned to the same environment that she was taken from, I feel that she would go back to her old ways. She is still young and very impressionable. Her surrounding is still responsible for much of her behaviour. Even if she was much better in care, I think she would get back her old habits, and become violent. I strongly feel that she should not be returned to her home. I think that she would have a good chance of becoming a more social person and have the possibility of leading a normal healthy life in living. ?? ?? ?? ?? 3 Unit Title: 29 - Applied Psychological Perspectives Vanessa Addo For Health and Social Care BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care ...read more.

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