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How the culture of McDonalds affects the performance and helps it to meet its objectives.

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C2 - How the culture of McDonalds affects the performance and helps it to meet its objectives. McDonalds have a slogan as a part of their culture, which is "I'm loving it". This slogan is emphasising that everyone who eats McDonalds foods will simply love it because it tastes great and the service is fast as well. McDonalds objective is to: "To be the UK's best quick service restaurant experience" The culture of McDonalds helps it to achieve this objective firstly by the customer service that the staff provides for all the customers of McDonalds. For example all the staff are extremely polite to the customers, and try and serve them as fast as they possibly can. Every member of staff that takes the customers order makes sure that they serve the customer exactly what they ordered. This would make the customers feel that they are valued because the staffs serves them as fast as possible and also the customers would come back to McDonalds again and again. ...read more.


If McDonalds didn't keep the restaurant clean then they would hardly have any customers going there for food and eating it actually in the restaurant. Therefore McDonalds always have members of staff in the area where customers eat (the lobby area) ensure that the restaurant is clean and looks hospitable for customers. This helps McDonalds to meet its objective by the way that more customers will come back to McDonalds to eat and therefore the staff can provide a quick service for the customers. The appearance of the restaurant plays a big part in the way they it attracts the customers, for example if the restaurant was clean, and decorated well then the customers would feel like it's a good environment to eat, however if the restaurant appearance was the opposite to this then not a lot of customers would feel like going to McDonalds. McDonalds also have a "drive through", this is when customers can just order their food in their car/vehicle, and this is an advantage for customers with vehicles because they don't have to get out of their ...read more.


This may also attract new customers due to the existing customers informing them about the food they liked at McDonalds, and the quick service that is provided. This is a potential way that McDonalds attracts customers. Overall I think that the culture plays a big part for McDonalds to help it to achieve its objectives and has a positive affect on the performance of the store. I think this because if McDonalds did not have this culture then achieving a fast service for their customers may be hard for them to achieve. For example if McDonalds didn't have a good customer service then maybe they would have less customers than they do now, because in order to make customers want to come back to McDonalds the staff has to treat the customers with respect and value, and if McDonalds didn't have the happy meal or ''Ronald McDonald'' then McDonalds food probably wouldn't appeal to young children. But McDonalds do have these factors so that it appeals to people of all age ranges and the customers are kept happy. ...read more.

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