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Is Freud's psychology important today?

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´╗┐Psychology ? Assignment One: Is Freud?s Psychology important today? Freud?s principium school of psychoanalytical theory offered humanity a coherent annotation detailing the intrinsic aspects of the human psyche and the developmental stages of personality. In order to ascertain the prevalence of his work today I will initially outline Freud?s key concepts and continue to analyse the respective strengths and weaknesses of Freudian theory before culminating my conclusion on their relevance to date. Freud introduced a three part personality structure consisting of the Id, Ego and Super-ego. He postulated that at the core of each individual resided an innate and primary component which he identified as the Id. The Id, Primitive and instinctive by nature and operated purely on the basis of the pleasure principal, the Id consists of fantasies, dreams, images of immediate gratification and other creative products manifested on a unconscious level. Ignorant to reality and morality the Id solely strives for selfish satisfaction. ...read more.


It is during this time the boy also develops fear of castration from his father as punishment for his feelings and instead begins to identify with him and represses the sexual feelings for his mother. During the Phallic stage, girls were said to become sexually attracted to their fathers, this has been termed The Electra Complex by contemporary psychoanalysts. However due to their lack of penis they do not fear castration but instead experience penis envy and never fully resolve The Electra Complex. Some his contemporaries began to question the foundations of Freud?s theoretical framework, in particular his emphasis on sex. They believed the aspects of conscious thought, gender, culture, and interpersonal relationships throughout the individuals entire life span, contributed greatly to the development of personality and should be demonstrated with pivotal significance. Due to the under evaluation of these factors at the time, some of his peers began to diverge from Freudian thought and endeavoured to investigate these factors further, culminating in a fully appraised theory of personality development that boasted ecological validity. ...read more.


Jung believed that everyone tended to emphasise one of four types of thinking, rational thought, feeling, sensing or intuiting and that people were either introvert or extraverted personalities. In further retaliation to Freud?s chauvinistic theory a quest of feminist perspective ensued. Feminists argue that ?assumptions about the inherent inferiority of women were embedded in the very core of psychoanalytical theory?. (Lerman, H (1986) P;6.) and sought to remedy it. Karen Horney poignantly gave voice to the female perspective largely neglected by Freud, whom he himself admitted to finding the female of the species a riddle unfathomed. Finding the notion of penis envy preposterous, Horney instead illustrated that it was actually the status and power bestowed upon men in a patriarchal society that women so desperately craved and envied, and furthermore proposed that men experienced womb envy due to their incapacity to bear a child. Critiquing Freud on the basis of individuality.. (?.) ?Freud?s psychoanalysis is not useful for women because it neglects significant areas of women?s lives, specifically menstruation, child birth and despite his sexual focus the female orgasm?. (Lerman, H. (1986) P;11.) ...read more.

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