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Letter complaining about Child Soliders

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223 Garrymore, Craigavon, Co.Armagh, BT65 5JF. Brian Cowen TD Minister fro Foreign Affairs Iveagh House St. Stephen's Green Dublin 2 Dear Sir, In more than forty countries in the world today children both boys and girls are fighting as soldiers in government forces and armed opposition groups. These 'child soldiers' all under 18 are forcibly or voluntarily fighting in hostilities throughout the world. Some fight in the armed forces and some in paramilitary groups. These children are used to fight in fierce combat, as cooks and porters and others forced into sexual services. No normal thinking person could justify the use of child soldiers for any such acts. It is simply horrifying that innocent young people in countries like Uganda and Sierra Leone are being corrupted like this. These children deserve the same chances as any western born child. ...read more.


The girls however where used as sex slaves. Over the year's people, children have been forcibly made to carry out atrocities and the idea of violence imbedded in their minds. Children who have spent their lives in armed combat have more than likely been severely traumatised and brutalized. Some of these children may escape the fighting but are forever left with the idea that the use of violence is a legitimate means of achieving their aims. This is nearly certainly the case when the person still lives in a society where there is poverty and injustice. Apart from the problems of trauma after war, the former child soldiers also face rejection from their communities. Communities in countries where child soldiers are used often find it hard to accept child soldiers back into their community. ...read more.


captured him and took him away for training in how to use an AK47 assault riffle. For the next three years he was involved in heavy fighting almost every day. He said "When you where going into the battle, you didn't know if you where going to survive or not" As many other child soldiers Alhassan was beaten regularly and forced to execute captured prisoners of war. Alhassan recalled one time when he was ordered to kill a captured Guinean soldier. He said "I allowed him to escape. I fired shots in the air. I just felt sorry for him" Alhassan was lucky and freed but there are over 300'000 others just like him frightening in the world today. I found his story extremely distressing and disturbing, as I'm sure you did. I don't see why Alhassan and others like him have to suffer through this. ...read more.

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