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My grandparents.

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'Write about people who had an influence on you' My grandparents When I was only eight days old, my grandparents took me to their home and brought me up until I was twelve years old. During the twelve years my granny has had a great influence on me. Her kindness touched my heart because she brought me up without saying anything. But we all knew that to bring up a child is a very difficult task and I could feel that there is always someone who will care about me and I could go to her when I was sad. I remember when I was a little girl, I always liked to just sit on her lap and listen to her songs and sometimes we could talk lots of things until I was tired. ...read more.


I was so ashamed by what I had done so I said " Sorry Mrs." Then she said " I already told the class that if anyone was going to break my rules, then they have to stay behind, and let their parent come and collect them. So Miss Li, you have to stay behind after the sleep time." I said " Yes, Mrs." At the end of the sleep time I was still lying on the bed when everyone was getting up and going home. During this time I was thinking how I was going to tell granny what happened, surely granny was not going to be pleased about what I had done and at the same time I was very ashamed of myself. ...read more.


My granddad also has had a great influence on me. When I was in primary one. I had started to learn piano. Whenever it was rain or snow my granddad would always take me to the piano lesson. Sometimes when I was practising my piece, my granddad would come and join me in the music world, we would just talk about which bit is wrong, and which bit is good and which were the songs he liked, until granny would call us to dinner. His sprit affected me and touched my heart. He let me know, "Don't give up your aims, always go for your aims and study hard." My grandparents always told me that only 1% is your talent, 99% is your hard work. Both of them have had a great influence on me. Whenever I was little or in my future. I think I had the greatest grandparents in the world. ...read more.

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