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MY WORK EXPERIENCE BY FUNMI EBOREIME 11CJM The holiday club is a tradition of the Hounslow West Evangelical Church. It is situated on 22 Vicarage Farm Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 4NW. This activity has to do with little children between the ages of 3 and 11. It takes place during the summer holiday and it is a five day programme in August. Before the beginning of the holiday club the executives, that is the Pastor and his wife, the elders and the youth fellowship, make a plan with various concepts two months before the programme. I am a member of the youth fellowship and this is how my work experience begins. The executives hold a meeting once a week usually on Sundays after church service to plan ahead for the programme. All members of the executives participate and divide themselves into various activities. The pastor and the wife are in charge of donating money, organise the place where the activity will take place. The elders arrange for the health papers, plans for food and the information / letters to the children's parents. The members of the youth fellowship which I am, have to produce leaflets, put up a sign-post about the programmes, form activities for the children to do when they come, also to make the children welcome. All these activities require a lot of time for the preparations. ...read more.


After this routine, I and my youth members divided them into four teams: green, blue, red and yellow. Each child had a name tag the colour of their team. After dividing them we sat them down on they watched a movie about 'the birth of Jesus'. As they watched the film my fellow youths distributed snacks and drinks for refreshment. It was hectic but it was still fun. The second day was better than the first. We had five more entries, making it 30 children. And it started by 9.30am. This day the children learnt songs and memory verses. Here an elder played the guitar while the pastor and the wife organised a projector with the lyrics of the songs and a guitar, the pastor and wife arranged a projector with the lyrics of the song written on it for the children to sing along. The children had fun as each group tried to sing better than the other. I was also a captain of the blue team so I was in charge of organising them. The fellow leaders and I also had to make sure no naughty child was disturbing another. After this there was a break, they had drinks and some crisps. Then they learnt a Bible story and a memory verse and that ended the second day. The third day was the most interesting of all. ...read more.


After that there were refreshments and we tided up the church. This programme was a very success one in that, during the everyday activities there was no form of accident. Also the children had a lovely time. As an individual, a female to be precise, I gained a lot. First I learnt how to handle children. As a future mother, I believe from this experience I learnt the importance of taking care of children and how to relate to them. Secondly, as the secretary, it gave a sort of responsibility because during the meetings I had to take down notes and I also learnt how to be attentive. I also learnt how to relate with my co-workers especially with the elders I learnt how to obey instructions from people higher than I am. I faced just a single problem at the beginning. I did things on my own, I didn't seek advice from anyone. After sometime I got stranded with my organisation, and I had to seek advice from the president as this was my first time of being a secretary. I learnt through this the importance of 'team work'. My problem was solved because I sought information from someone who knew more than I. Finally and in conclusion, I would like to say how much I enjoyed myself. I learnt the importance of team work, I also felt responsible and I feel with this experience in future if I have another chance with children I would do well. I now look forward to next year's holiday club and I look hope to participate in it. ...read more.

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