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To What Extent Does the Multi Store Model Offer A Reasonable Account of Human Memory?

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To What Extent Does the Multi Store Model Offer A Reasonable Account of Human Memory? The Multi Store Model was created by Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968). It states that there are three parts to memory: Sensory Memory, Short Term Memory and Long Term Memory. Sensory Memory receives information from all five senses, but only stores this information for a very brief period of time. If attention is paid to the information, it is transferred to the Short Term Memory, which according to Miller (1977) can store about seven items. However, the Short Term Memory can only store information for a few seconds, so for information to be stored longer it needs to be transferred to the Long Term Memory. For this to happen the information has to be rehearsed. ...read more.


They gave participants a list of twenty words to learn, and discovered that they tended to remember the first few and the last few, but not the words in the middle. This is because of the primacy effect, where information has been rehearsed and transferred into the Long Term Memory, and the recency effect, where information is still in the Short Term Memory. This supports the idea of rehearsal. Furthermore, brain scans have shown that different areas of the brain are active when using Short Term Memory and Long Term Memory. Beardsley (1997) found that the prefrontal cortex is active when participants did a task involving their Short Term Memories. ...read more.


Finally, Ruchkin et al (2003) suggested that the Short Term Memory was not separate from the Long Term Memory, as suggested by the Multi Store Model, but the part of Long Term Memory which is active at the time. This was because participants were able to recall more real words that pseudo-words, suggesting that they used the meanings of the words to remember them. In conclusion, although the Multi Store Model is useful for looking at the basic structure of memory, there are many issues with it. It is oversimplified, and so will not take into account many factors when explaining what happens. This means that while it offers a reasonable account of human memory, it does not explain nearly everything about memory. Top of Form Bottom of Form ...read more.

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