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To what extent does the multi-store model offer a reasonable account of human memory?

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Memory: To what extent does the multi-store model offer a reasonable account of human memory? Memory could be explained in terms of three distinct stores, according to Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) . The three distinct stores were the sensory memory, which holds information for a very brief segment, short-term memory (STM) characterised by limited capacity and reasonably short duration, and a long term memory (LTM). ...read more.


Research studies have tended to support the distinction proposed by Atkinson and Shiffrin regarding differences between the stores with respect to capacity, encoding and duration. The existence of separate stores in memory is also supported by the use of modern brain-scanning techniques (such as MRI and PET). These have shown, for example, that the prefrontal cortex is active when individuals are working on a task in immediate(i.e. ...read more.


Despite this research support, the multi-store model is probably an oversimplification of memory processes. The multi-store model just proposes one LTM store, whereas research suggests several different forms of LTM such has episodic, semantic and procedural memory. This model also proposes one STM store. Finally, the multi-store model proposes one mechanism for hoe data are stored in LTM by rehearsal. Despite of Atkinson and Shiffrin claims rehearsal is not the only way that information finds it way into LTM. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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