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Angels and Jinns

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ANGELS & JINNS Being a Muslim makes me a follower of Islam which we all should know by now, but we do not all know the meaning of Islam. Islam means submission and obedience. These words here are not meant in the same way we might use them in everyday language. In this context submission means the acceptance of Allah's commands and obedience means putting Allah's commands into practice. As Muslims we believe that these two elements bring peace if done right and so therefore Islam can also mean Peace in Arabic. According to the Quran, Islam is the oldest religion because Adam, the first person on earth, was a prophet and all the prophets were Muslims. Today for my presentation I will be talking about Angels and Jinn's, and what part they play in Islam. Everything about Angels depicts them as being beautiful beings with wings and dressed in white. The true appearance of Angels cannot be said but Muslims believe that all angels were made of light. ...read more.


The one specific Archangel mentioned in the scriptures is Jibril (Gabriel), the conveyor of the divine message to all the prophets to whom he was sent by Allah. He conveyed and inspired the Holy Quran to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Gabriel did the same thing with the Bible to Jesus PBUH, and the Torah to Moses PBUH. We are reminded of that modest girl Mary, whose life was completely changed by the message which the Angel Gabriel brought to her, being that she would give birth to a son who would be called Isa or Jesus. Mika'IL (Michael) is the Archangel of Justice and Israfil, The Archangel of the Trumpet Call, who will call all the people to the court of Allah on the Day of Judgment.Ezrail, the Archangel of Death, who will order the assigned Angels to take an individual's soul at a time specified by Allah. He has countless Angels under his command. Archangel Malik is assigned as the guardian of the gates of Hell. ...read more.


When men or women succeed in overcoming the urge to commit evil acts, the Jinn's are converted and cannot do anything to incite evil in people. The will power of the human being when it is used in the right way will enable all men and women to overcome there passions. They would bring themselves nearer to Allah. There is a common story about Jinn's and that a group of them overheard the Prophet Muhammad PBUH reciting verses from The Holy Quran. They returned to their fellow Jinn's giving the 'Good News'. There are among the Jinn's, and among humans, those who are believers and those who are disbelievers. Every man and woman has an associate from among the angels, who inspires them to good and noble actions, and an associate from among the Jinn's who incites in them their base passions to commit Sinful acts. Finally people who have had an encounter with an angel or Jinn are reluctant to discuss their experience fearing that they would Be ridiculed; however, there are many people who have reported An Angelic experience. ...read more.

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