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How the Teaching of Mark's Gospel affects the Lives of Christians Today.

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AO2: How the Teaching of Mark's Gospel affects the Lives of Christians Today As described in AO1: Christ's teachings to his disciples in Mark's Gospel had a marked affect on the creation and history of the Church, therefore having a definite relevance to the lives of everyday Christians, including their lifestyles, behaviour and attitudes. The calling of Christ is still evident today. People can take a "vocation" (literally meaning calling) to the priesthood, religious orders or the ordained ministry, and must change their lifestyle accordingly for this reason. They are required to turn their backs on personal wishes and commit themselves to God, as described in their vows; celibacy, poverty, and obedience. ...read more.


As the Catechism states, in accordance to my point; 1709. "He who believes in Christ becomes a son of God. This filial adoption transforms him by giving him the ability to follow the example of Christ. It makes him capable of acting rightly and doing good. In union with his Saviour, the DISCIPLE attains the perfection of charity which is holiness. Having matured in grace, the moral life blossoms into eternal life in the glory of heaven. " The mission of the twelve, as mentioned in AO1, is still carried out by modern organisations like Christian Aid, CAFOD, and many others. But, even though we do things today, is there still a fundamental aspect of discipleship; COST? ...read more.


A disciple does the will of God and the fact that a person is Christian would most probably the will of the Lord! Disciples must be prepared to follow in the life of Jesus, even when this involves rejection, and death; and as discussed before, some Christians have done this and continue to do this. As a disciple, your nature should be one of servititude without rank and privilege, definitely affecting the lifestyle of individuals. Disciples should view the beliefs of others with respect, no matter what their own beliefs are. Finally, a disciple imitates the life of Christ, as we are called to do through the Sacraments. To conclude, the affects of Discipleship on the average Christian lifestyle are many and varied in their properties, and their potential to grow in perfection with Christ. ...read more.

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