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R.E. Coursework - A03

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A03. "It is not possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern world" Do you agree? Christianity is a worldwide religion and this leads us to believe that it is possible to be a true disciple in the modern world. "Modern Christians believe that they are called to follow the example Jesus set. They spend time discovering the teachings of Jesus from the bible and trying to put those teachings into practice". (Michael Keene). There are many examples of modern day Christians. Priests, Nuns and missionaries are examples of people who devote their whole lives to God. Oscar Romero was an archbishop in El Salvador where the government has constantly violated human rights. There are also many people living in poverty. ...read more.


During the time in the cell, he led the men in songs and prayer. One day the guards picked out a man to be tortured to death but Kolbe said "take me instead". The cells were needed, and Kolbe and the other three were executed with an injection of carbolic acid in the left arm. His heroism echoed through the camp and in 1982 he was made a saint. He once said, "My aim in life is to serve others". He sacrificed his life for another and put God at the centre of his life. This makes his out to be a true disciple. Corrymeela is a peace group on the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland. The community is made up of Protestants and Roman Catholics. ...read more.


Years ago there wasn't any trading on a Sunday leaving more time for prayer and worship. Nowadays most shops are open from 1pm to 6pm this leaves little time for the people who work to pray and worship. It has an impact on our Christian lifestyle. Modern moral challenges such as abortion are unchristian. Many women have this procedure done to remove a foetus from their womb. People see this as a form of murder and that it is immoral. I believe it to be possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern world, although it is very difficult as there are many obstacles in the way. Christians today still see it as being their duty to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to others. This may be by doing missionary work or more simply by living out the Christian life and being an example for others. ...read more.

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