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The Metamorphosis: Existence.

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  • Essay length: 3118 words
  • Submitted: 23/01/2004
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AS and A Level Philosophy

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The Metamorphosis: Existence

Existence is truly the greatest gift given to all human beings. As one exists, paths are followed and decisions are made. The way one uses his or her existence determines one's usefulness of living. A person cannot just exist as an individual; one must live their life to its fullest extent in all aspects of reality. Merely existing is one thing; while living is another. The act of living requires complete connection and a sense of involvement with the community and the rest of the human world. Living entails basing the concepts of one's existence on truth, hope and reality. One cannot be living if one's life has no truths or needs and desires. If one's life has not been lived to its fullest, one truly does not know how to live. The two contrasts, between existence and the act of living, are fully and clearly portrayed in the novella, The Metamorphosis, written by Franz Kafka. The Metamorphosis explains the significance of living a life rather than merely existing. The main character in this novella, Gregor Samsa, is one of the many characters who exist yet do not know how to live. He isolates

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