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AQA As Applied Science Unit 3. Colorimetry experiment on Ribena juices

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´╗┐Colorimetry Aim: * The aim behind this science is to measure colours and to predominantly quantify the colour of light sources or objects from visual colour matches. (This means that the eye(s) are used as a tool to identify if the colour is identical or not. Scenario: I am a scientist, my first task is to go into a laboratory and test the concentrations of different Ribena juices, then I am going to find out the unknown dilutions for both Tesco and Asda Ribenas. Hypothesis: The more expensive the higher quality it will be therefore the stronger the concentration of the drink. The cheaper the Ribena juice the lower quality it will be therefore a weaker concentration of the drink. Scientific Background: A specific solution will be used to measure and determine the absorbance of particular wavelengths of light by a specific solution. This is the procedure is used to measure the amount of light something absorbs, this is then measured in units of absorbance, this is also directly proportional to its concentration, this method is used to determine concentration. Colorimetry is also the technology and science used to quantify and describe the human colour perception. What is colorimetry used for? ...read more.


To prevent injuries from happening, I will make sure the beaker or jug containing water is in the middle of the table so it can't fall and if it does then I will sweep up the water immediately so that nobody injures themselves. Medium Equipment/ Chemicals Hazard What Will I Do? Prevention Risk Level Glass beakers If broken can hurt another person. The glass could break therefore can cause and accident or may harm another person. Make sure the glass is picked up so nobody gets hurt and to also make other people aware that the glass had fallen. If you cut yourself make sure to put your hand under cold water for at least ten minutes or until the bleeding stops, then inform a member of staff and seek first aid. Make sure that the work tops are clean from any spillage. Make sure that if there is a glass beaker which has been broken on the floor that it is cleaned up immediately. Medium Graph paper Can give paper cuts and people could slip if it is on the floor. If a paper cut was to occur I will make sure that I wash the part I have cut under cold water to stop the bleeding. ...read more.


I had also repeated both experiments twice to make sure that everything is correct and to make my results more reliable. Over all my test went well and all the results which I received were correct. I did well as I made sure that I had followed the method precisely avoiding any errors. At the end of my test I had then compared my results with my class mates and all the results were more all less the same, therefore I feel that the test which I have done is accurate and the results are precise. If I was to do my experiment again I would make sure that I prepare my self in a more efficient way as I would organise my equipment in a much better way. Limitation: The limitation on my colorimetry test can be that if the precise level of the amount of Ribena juice was not used as I had listed this may make my results go wrong, another limitation is if the curette was not set to zero this could be a huge impact as it could affect the results and therefore give incorrect results. Due to both Ribenas having a very similar colour if I was not organised the Ribenas could of got mixed up which would of gave me totally different results. | Page ...read more.

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