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"Bridging the Miles Between East and West" - compare and contrast.

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Comparison and Contrast Essay

"Bridging the Miles Between East and West"

Silver Spring, Maryland, and Phoenix, Arizona, are practically on opposites sides of the country. Because Silver Spring is on the east coast and Phoenix is in the southwest desert, one would expect the climates to be completely different, and they are! But, other than that, the two cities share some commonalities. The fact that Silver Spring is a suburb of Washington D.C.--capital of the United States--and Phoenix is the capital of Arizona guarantees enriching cultural opportunities in both. Additionally, both happen to be surrounded by states brimming with diverse natural beauty. Although the distance and climactic differences between Silver Spring and Phoenix are great, the cultural similarities between the two cities manage to bridge the miles between them.

The climates of the two cities represent their greatest diversity.

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Because Washington D.C. and Phoenix are capital cities, there are many cultural activities available in both. As a suburb of Washington D.C., Silver Spring residents have easy access to sites such as the national museums--the Smithsonian Institute, the Air and Space Museum, and the National Gallery of Art. One can also visit the Capitol, the White House, the Vietnam Memorial and many other monuments. Phoenix similarly has many fascinating attractions. The Heard Museum houses exhibits reflecting Native American culture, and the Phoenix Art Museum--which has a remarkable collection-also hosts visiting exhibits.

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There's no question that Silver Spring and Phoenix are both diverse, yet similar. Maryland's cold winter and hot summers are unpleasant, but the spring and fall make up for them. Yes, it is HOT in Phoenix in the summer, but the mild weather the rest of the year makes the three long summer months worth it. Both cities offer numerous cultural opportunities due to being near state capitals. Although they are a country apart, they have common qualities that make them similar. Both are fine places to live, and at the very least, intriguing places to visit.

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