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Discuss a recent article you have read in a magazine or a journal related to an aspect of health education.

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Discuss a recent article you have read in a magazine or a journal related to an aspect of health education. The idea of using technology to interfere with the reproductive process provokes excitement and fear. Technology is so advanced that it is possible for parents to choose the gender of their baby by selecting the child's genes. Once the genes are chosen scientists can then create the perfect designer baby by putting the chosen genes into an embryo. This does not only allow parents to choose important aspects of there child for instance a child free from genetic disease but people may select genes for more trivial reasons for example height, skin colour, hair colour etc. The whole controversy over genetic engineering is not just medical but social, political and moral. ...read more.


The problem with this is it is unethical killing a fetilised egg because this is the stage where life begins even though it is not a fully developed foetus. It was recently reported how a white couple and a black couple went through IVF treatment to conceive. However there was a mix up because the sperm from the black father was mistakenly used to fertilise eggs from the white mother. The mistake was only realised once the babies were born after the clinic involved carried out genetic tests on the black father. Investigation into this case found that "an average of two embryo mix ups happen at clinics each year". Although the babies were "loved from the moment of their birth" this raises the question of what if the two couples involved did not want the babies? ...read more.


There is also the possibility of correcting genetic defects when a child becomes older by altering the tissue which contains the defect. The other usefulness of genetic engineering apart from creating babies is the ability to produce new strains of plants to increase food production. From a given amount of fonder animals can produce more meat or milk. There will be a reduction in the number of plants that need to be sprayed because they will produce their own insecticide. The other benefit of this is if plants can produce there own insecticide this may increase there resistant to insecticide. The balance of the argument suggests that genetic engineering does have advantages and disadvantages as I have discussed above. But it is the uses to which humans put them whether it is creating a designer baby free of generative disease or a baby with blue eyes which posses threat to humans themselves and the future. ...read more.

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