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Investigation of the plants on the school field.

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Name: Emma Gascoigne Form: 11 Turquoise Teaching group: 11 Dalton Subject: Biology Teacher: Mrs Jex Coursework title: Investigation of the plants on the school field. Aim: We aim to find out which plants are growing on the school field. Equipment: * 1 metre quadrat * 1 metre rule * Pen and paper Method: We took a 1 metre squared quadrat and placed it down on the school field 20 times, to ensure that we had thoroughly researched the plantation. We measured a metre between each one using a metre rule, and placed the quadrats along a straight line across the field, forming a belt transect. For each quadrat, we looked carefully at the plants within the square, and marked down on a chart whether each species was Dominant, Abundant, Frequent, Occasional or Rare. This is known as the DAFOR scale. We specified whether there was anything unusual in the quadrat, as this may have been important later on in the investigation. Diagram: Fair test: In this investigation the variables are: * The distance between each quadrat, and where they are placed. * The size of the quadrat. * The person/people estimating the amount of plants. * The conditions on the school field e.g. ...read more.


Clover Clover grows very close to the ground, and although small, each plant has many leaves so is able to collect enough sunlight to photosynthesise. Because they live close to the ground they avoid being cut when the field is mowed. Plantain The leaves of a plantain have a large surface area, so that even though they grow close to the ground, they collect enough sunlight to photosynthesise. They grow almost flat to the ground, so are not reached by the lawnmower when the grass is cut. Dandelions & Daisies It's the same for dandelions and daisies. They grow very close to the ground so are able to avoid being cut. There were not many daisies on the school field, probably because their leaves are so small they will not be able to collect enough sunlight to survive, with being so close to the ground and covered by other plants. Buttercups Although we didn't find many buttercups on the field, they are adapted to living there. We found them 'crawling' along the ground, instead of growing straight up, so they can avoid being cut, and still collect the sunlight they need through their large leaves which crawl along the ground. ...read more.


* We could have used better quadrats, as the ones we used may not have been entirely accurate, as we made them ourselves using a metre stick and string. Our areas therefore may have varied in shape, making the test unfair. * We could have used a more accurate way of estimating plant numbers by counting each plant individually. Unfortunately this would have been very complicated and time consuming. * We could have researched more areas, to ensure that we had been thorough and our results were accurate. Extension work If we wanted to take our investigation further, there are many things we could do. We could: * Research the entire field. If we did this we would get a much more accurate idea of plant numbers, as even the smallest areas would be studied. * We could do the investigation in different seasons, as the field is used for different things throughout the year. We could do this to see if the use of the field, and change in weather conditions affects plant growth. * We could study the soil type, and compare the plant growth to that of another field with a different soil type, to see if soil type affects plant growth. * We could leave part of the field to grow, to compare the species growing in long grass to those growing in short grass. Emma Gascoigne11T ...read more.

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