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Kidney Failure

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Kidney Failure can be caused by: 1. Kidney Infections - can cause inflammation of kidneys which can damage the cells. This interferes with filtering in renal capsules or with reabsorption in other parts of the nephron. ...read more.


Hence, larger molecules like proteins can get through capillary walls and into urine. Kidney Failure can cause a lot of problems: Waste products build up - e.g. urea which can cause weight loss and vomiting Fluid accumulates in the tissues because the kidneys can't remove excess water from the blood causing parts of the body to swell, also if salt build-up. ...read more.


Renal Dialysis:- Machine used to filter blood. Blood flows on one side of a partially permeable membrane and dialsysis fluid flows on the other side. Waste products and excess water and ions diffuse across the membrane into the dialysis fluid, removing them from the blood. Blood cells and larger molecules like proteins prevented from leaving blood. ...read more.

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