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Physics-energy production in Hong Kong and potential new ways of generating power.

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Major sources of energy in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, electricity supplied to the household and the industry comes from six production plants. The Castle Peak Power Station, located in Tap Shek Kok 
in Tuen Mun, has the greatest generating capacity in Hong Kong, up to 4110 MW. The Lamma Power Station is in Lamma, as its name suggests, comes second, having a generating capacity of 3305 MW. The Black Point Power Station in Northeast New Territories is in the third place, giving out 2500 MW of power. The Penny Bay’s Power Station in Sham Shui Kok on Lantau Island produces the least generating capacity, at 300 MW only. The remaining two plants are not located in Hong Kong, but in mainland China.

As the four plants aforementioned are not enough to satisfy the ever-increasing energy demand of Hong Kong, one of the two companies which provide us with electricity, the CLP Holdings (the other being Hong Kong Electric Co. Ltd), obtains energy from those two external power plants in China, the first being

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Problems of non-renewable energy

Fossil Fuel

Burning fossil fuels is responsible for environmental problems such as greenhouse gas accumulation, acidification, air pollution, water pollution, damage to land surface and ground-level ozone. These environmental problems are caused by the release of pollutants that are naturally present in fossil fuel structures, such as sulphur and nitrogen.

  1. Global warming

When these fuels are burned, they produce the gas carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas and is a major contributor to global warming. The burning of fossil fuels increases the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and hence enhances the greenhouse effect, resulting a gradual rise in global temperature, known as global warming.

Currently, oil burning is responsible for about 30% of all carbon dioxide emissions to air. Natural gas does not release as much carbon dioxide because of its methane structure. The largest emissions are cause by coal combustion.


  1. Acid rain formation

Burning of coal with high sulphur content will produce sulphur dioxide. Sulphur dioxide will harm human’s respiratory system. When the gas dissolves in rainwater, acid rain will form. Acid rain affects marine lives and affects plants growth.

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A large number of windmill is need to supply sufficient energy. It is only suitable for places of high altitude.


The cost of producing energy from biomass is higher due to the special design of the boilers to facilitate combustion of biomass.  

Types of renewable energy suitable for remote places

Wind energy

Wind energy is a cheap and easy way to install wind turbines in remote area.  It is suitable for small-scale electricity production.  Little facilities are enough for providing electricity to isolated and remote locations.  It also reduces the dependence of the locations on fossil fuels.  


Solar energy

The energy and heat from the sun is free. Once solar panels or solar thermal collectors are set up, there are no electrical expenses necessary to power them.  Solar cells require very little maintenance, greatly because there are no moving parts that must be maintained.  Therefore, solar cells can last for a very long period of time.  Solar power is incredibly versatile. A variety of inventions may be powered by it, including cars, water heaters, fountains, buildings, and satellites.  In remote locations, solar power may be a more realistic energy option than running large lengths of electrical wires to connect to a grid.


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Modern Physics section.

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