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R.E. Medicine Coursework

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R.E. Medicine Coursework A) There are many different types of treatments available to help infertile couples have children. Some of theses treatments are Artificial insemination and GIFT. Artificial insemination is when the partner or husbands sperm count is low. Some samples of the sperm are taken and inserted into the women's womb. This method has been available for over 50 years however it has a low success rate. GIFT or gamete intra - fallopian transfer is when the sperm and the egg are fertilised by an air bubble in a fine tube. They are injected into the women's fallopian tube and fertilise naturally. ZIFT is also another type of treatment available this is like GIFT however the egg and sperm fertilised outside the body and then injected in. ICSI is when a single sperm is injected into the egg and then put into the woman's' womb, this would give the chance to help men who have a really small sperm count have a child. PID is a new treatment, which allows families to insure that their children don't have diseases that are inherited this could however be one step closer to a baby bank which is where parents can decide the eye colour hair colour and even smartness of a baby this however is quite controversial. ...read more.


Some Hindus believe that transplant surgery is wrong because if a person is meant to have a problem for example a heart problem it is because of his wrong doings in is past life. Many Hindus believe that transplanting is breaking the Law of Karma. Some other Hindus also believe that the poor may try to sell their organs to help provide money for their families. However some Hindus may agree that since the soul is eternal and will move on to its next life anything that happens to the physical body in this life does not matter as you will be reincarnated they ma also say that humans who to donate organs are very kind and will have a good life. Most Muslims do not agree with transplant surgery because they believe that it is going against Gods' will. The Qur'an teaches that God created the body of a person just for that person so taking something from another is going against his wishes, which is a sin. Muslims also oppose transplant surgery because they believe in the sanctity of life and only God has the right to take a life. ...read more.


simply to extract cells for research is wrong" from a letter to The Times from the Roman Catholic Archbishops of Westminster and Glasgow. Other Muslims believe that altering embryos is wrong because you are interfering with Gods will and you are changing God's map for you. Some Muslims also say that genetic is good as long as it is done to cure diseases and not to create perfect humans. I believe that genetic engineering is a step in the right direction for the human species because I fee that you have to take risks in life to progress. Some religious people say that we are playing God by altering peoples genes and that there are too many risks involved with genetic engineering like mutations but I think that we have to takes risks and they are bound to occur for example the first operations were done using different instruments that had many risks to humans but as time went on we discovered other more safer ways to operate I feel that this in a sense is the same. Genetic Engineering right now may have a few risks but in the future who knows we might become a superior species.1 Sneha Patel 10'O 1Ref Religion and Society book by Victor W. Watton. ...read more.

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