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The Hostage

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It was winter time here, I could tell it was because it must have been at least 10 degrees below zero, this meant that every time that I took a drink my frost bitten lips would stick to the cup, then and I would have to peel them of the cup. I don't even know why I attempted to have a drink because the extreme conditions meant that the water was just one vast block of ice. I feel that if I don't get out of this gloomy foul smelling rat infested hell hole soon, I will throw up all my insides, because I have being vomiting so much. Where I am? I do not know because everytime they haul me from place to place I get a cold damp cloth tethered around my eyes. ...read more.


The cell wasn't a very big cell and the only thing to keep me company was the dog in the cell next to me barking at feeding time, at times I thought that soon it would be being me fed to the dog, but up to now there has been no evidence of that happening soon, but such brutality was a possibility. I heard a noise. It sounded like the cocking of a rifle. I just ignored it and carried on thinking of my darling family. The bolt of the warehouse door slid open, a huge gust of blistering cold wind blew through the door. Heavy, slow footsteps became louder coming closer to my cell. My heart started racing it felt as if it was about to burst out of my chest. I started to panic. ...read more.


The back door was flung open with a bang as it hit the side of the van. The light pierced through tiny holes in the sack I was so thankful that I wasn't thrown in to that warehouse any more. One shouted "out!" it was a different voice from last time. I slowly stepped out of the van not knowing what to expect. As I placed my second foot on the ground the door slammed shut and the van bolted off like a lightning bolt. A couple of minutes went by. It was silent. I cautiously removed the sack from my head and untied the rope from my neck. I looked around to find nothing but trees, but there was no evidence that a van or any one had been hear before. It was like I had gone in to a different world. I walked on through the thick never ending forest. Darkness drew nearer and nearer. Light was fading. Freedom was still far far away. The Hostage Neat Draft - 1 - ...read more.

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