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As an inner city area Spinney Hill will have a higher crime rate than the Suburb of Knighton

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Conclusion and Evaluation I have gathered a great deal of information, conducted surveys and questionnaires, completed statistical tests and created illustrated maps to help me establish whether crime is higher in an inner city area like Spinney Hill when compared to a suburban area like Knighton. At the very start of this project I created an aim. This aim provided a starting point to this project and thus a goal to achieve. In my opinion I believe that I have achieved this aim as I have collected a substantial amount of evidence to aid me in approving or disproving my main hypothesis. This coursework was centred on my main hypothesis which I was to test to see whether it was an accurate or inaccurate statement. In order to test this main hypothesis I created five sub-hypotheses to analyse and see whether they were true and thus provide further evidence and support that the above main hypothesis was correct or incorrect. These sub-hypotheses were as follows: 1- Fear of crime will be higher in Spinney Hill 2- Security measures will be lower in Knighton 3- Unemployment breeds crime in Spinney Hill 4- Spinney Hill has a higher population so thus a higher crime rate. ...read more.


However I needed more evidence to show whether this sub-hypothesis was inaccurate or accurate thus I undertook a second technique of creating chloropleth maps of unemployment and crime rates in each ward of Leicester. Having analysed and compared these maps I have found that there is a correlation between these two variables showing that wards with high unemployment had high rates of crime. This therefore shows that my sub-hypothesis is correct as unemployment does breed crime and as a result this indicates that inner city areas like Spinney Hill with a high unemployment rate have a high crime rate. My fourth sub-hypothesis was explored by using a series of statistical tests. These tests included Chi-squared, Spearman's Rank and a line graph. These tests included Chi-squared, Spearman's Rank and a line graph. Two of these techniques; Spearman's Rank and the line graph were vague in determining whether the sub-hypothesis was accurate or inaccurate. The successful method of chi-squared technique resulted in a significant correlation between population and crime rate. The test Spearman's Rank revealed a 95% confidence that there is a significant positive but weak correlation between the two variables. ...read more.


This pattern is characteristic of areas with high crime rates. With this evidence I can deduce that my main hypothesis of inner city areas having higher crime rates than suburbs is correct. However not all of my sub-hypotheses were accurate as one was inaccurate and some of the statistical methods I used were a bit vague in producing a firm conclusion. To overcome this problem I feel that I could have made some improvements while carrying out my investigations. While conducting my questionnaires and surveys I only asked 10 residents from each ward. To make the data I collected from these questionnaires and surveys more accurate and reliable I could question more than 10 residents from each ward. This may give me a better representation of the ward as a whole by providing me with more data to analyse. Overall I feel that this investigation was a success as I was able to utilise data from my primary and secondary research efficiently and resourcefully and thus deduce that my main hypothesis of inner city areas having higher crime rates than suburban areas is correct. ?? ?? ?? ?? 71 ...read more.

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