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Clearly there is a link between alcohol and crime and the government are keen to address this, how affective are their proposals?

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Project: S2 Clearly there is a strong link between alcohol and crime, a link, which the government are most keen to address. How effective do you feel their proposals are? In what ways might they be improved upon? Discuss in an essay of approximately 1500 words For a long time now the government have been looking at ways to tackle an increasing number of alcohol related crimes. The government have set up an action plan to tackle the problem; this involves the police, local authorities and representatives of the licence trade, magistrates and the public support joining forces. Initially my thoughts are why extend licensing hours when there is clearly an increase in alcohol related crime, surely this will only add to an already out of control crime level and encourage more binge drinking. It's like the old saying, you give an inch, and they take a mile. Offer longer opening hours then it will be abused, not by all but normally a small minority who end up spoiling it for everyone. Surely we should be discouraging drinking not extending the drinking hours to contradict the proposals to reduce alcohol related crime. The proposals within the plan include three main objectives, they are:- a) ...read more.


The best approach would be to re-educate the public on the dangers of binge drinking and provide more help in fighting addictions and go back to basics when educating the public on not only health issues relating to binge drinking but also the risk of violence and crime. As touched on earlier, under age drinking has become a more popular pastime and youngsters are stealing alcohol from family and or local outlets to hang around park areas to drink it then leaving their empty bottles and in some cases smashed bottles creating a potentially hazardous environment for the children who wish to play at the parks. Public opinion states that this problem should be dealt with starting with parental education and tougher policing to manage those caught drinking in public or those caught drinking in pubs and clubs whilst under age. In the Youth Lifestyles survey carried out in 1989/99, it showed that 84% of 12 year olds had tried alcohol and evidence that it increased, as they got older. The survey also showed that 63% of 16 and 17 year olds had drunk during the survey period and that the majority had bought it themselves either in pubs and nightclubs. ...read more.


Maybe this is a theory the government should be considering to turn things around. What better than place the emphasis on the licensee's who are responsible for selling and allowing the use of alcohol on their premises. Mr Blair also stated that alcohol related crime is actually on the increase and this is very disturbing. He said "as a society we have to make sure this form of what we often call binge drinking doesn't become a British disease"3. Hospital figures from 2003-2004 show that 4,647 under 18's were admitted to hospital due to alcohol, clearly showing an 11% increase since the 1990's. This demonstrates how out of control youth binge drinking has become4. The average adolescent admits to consuming on average 5-10 units of alcohol per week. Adult admissions have also risen by 15% to 41,122 from the same survey5. If you look at when the figures began to increase, it is clear that this was due to the extension of drinking hours and this was a government approved system which looks as if it has back-fired instead of curing the problem of binge drinking. Reducing opening hours back to a reasonable closing time similar to what they were before would also be a start making it easier for law enforcement agencies to monitor premises for shorter lengths of time, leaving them available to concentrate on other crimes. ...read more.

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