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Development in Malaysia

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Kristina Prodanovic A report that looks at gender and development in Malaysia Introduction The title of my report is: A report that looks at gender and development in Malaysia. I am going to investigate the roles of men and women in the workforce and what impact it has on the country. My report is related to the following key ideas: Theme 6, key idea 2: My report links to this key idea because my research shows that as well as men, women have a significant role to play in development. However due to gender inequality men and women are treated differently and their roles result in having an impact on development. Malaysia is a country that has been influenced by Asian values; and this has determined the role of women in the domestic/private sphere, whereas men mostly dominate the public sphere. Theme 2, key idea 1: My report is related to key idea 1, because the changes that have been made over time, show that the condition has progressed or made significant changes. The inequality in Malaysia varies between the different communities and groups of people. Malaysia has a mixed population, effecting development because the women from China have taken over the Malay women in the work force; due to the fact that china is a country that has developed rather fast meaning Chinese people have higher education levels. Figure 1: Map of Malaysia Rationale/Background Malaysia is a country situated in South East Asia. The country has separated into two main regions- Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysia Borneo which is by the South China Sea. The three most dominant cultures that form the majority of Malaysia's population are the Malays 50.4%, the Chinese 25% and the Indians 11%. ...read more.


* Poverty reduced from nearly 50% of the population, to below 5% * Under 5 mortality rate reduced less than 10 deaths in every 1,000 live births, a reduction of over 85% since 1970 * Maternal mortality rates reduced from 141 deaths to less than 70 deaths in 100,000 births * Over 90% of Malaysians live within 5 Km of health facility * More than 90% of children are enrolled in primary school This shows a positive change for Malaysia. With higher education levels women are seen to be participating more in the work force. However despite the fact that the work force has progressed in gender diversity, the participation of women in the administrative and managerial sectors is still relatively low. It is rarely often that women will been chosen to work in top places over men. The discrimination against women is still an issue and leaves women with little opportunity to work in the advanced sectors. Figure 6 - Percentage of Women Labour in Each Occupation since 1995 - 2000 The table shows that from 1995 to 2000 many jobs have been taken in the production sector. However it also shows that the administrative and managerial sector has grown from 1.8% to 2.2%. Women as percent of labourers in each occupation 1995 2000 Production 25.4 22.6 Clerical 17.5 17.5 Agriculture 16.6 14.8 Service 14.4 17.4 Professional and Technical 12.7 13.5 Sales 11.6 12.1 Administrative and Managerial 1.8 2.2 Many people have started to move from rural areas to urban areas in seek of a better life, with higher opportunities. The migration of especially men in urban areas from rural areas has brought more dependence for rural women in farming productions. ...read more.


With the greater amount of job opportunities and demands for both skilled men and women in the manufacturing sector. Moreover with a wider range of availability this strengthens the workforce which helps build a stronger economy providing more employment and attracting foreign investments. As works with the Government and United Nations have been put into place for introducing new projects and programmes that look at decreasing gender inequality. This positive strategy will raise awareness of the situation and allow advancement of women to take place in the future and result in better educated women reflecting into a more economically productive community. One of the most essential factors for the empowerment of women has been education. As today, there are more females than males in the institutions of higher learning education. However, further studies should be put in place to identify problems and solution, for maintaining this industrial growth. They should implement the role of sharing experiences, with one another through bottom-up development and having expertise to keep strengthening the environment and success of the many efforts that have contributed into helping Malaysia The Government should be concerned with financial support. The greater focus on financial support would allow them to invest in equipment, technology and/or research and development. I suppose it is also important to have enough resources provided for the equality of gender and eventually, continuing to regularly update the progress of the gender financing situation which could have a positive effect for Malaysia in the long run. If the government continues to enhance efforts, to further improve the status of women, then this might enable them to reach their full potential as they are likely to have more belief in themselves resulting in more opportunities of them being included in the process of policies and/or programmes. ...read more.

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