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Examine the relationship between crimes against the environment and the progress of globalisation (21marks)

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Examine the relationship between crimes against the environment and the progress of globalisation (21marks) Globalisation is the widening, deepening and speeding up of worldwide interconnectedness in all aspects of life, from the cultural to the criminal, the financial to the spiritual. Globalisation has many causes, such as the spread of new information and communication technologies, the influence of global mass media, cheap air travel, and easier movement so that business can easily relocate to countries where profits will be greater. Manuel Castells (1998) argues there is now a global criminal economy worth over £1 trillion per year, this takes a number informs. These include arms trafficking, trafficking in nuclear materials, smuggling of illegal immigrants, trafficking in women and children, sex tourism, trafficking in body parts, cyber-crimes, green crimes international terrorism, smuggling of legal goods, trafficking in cultural artefacts, trafficking in endangered species, the dugs trade and money laundering. ...read more.


Taylor links the growth of the drugs trade to globalisation in that it has had an impact on both the supply and the demand for illegal substances. McMafia (by Misha Glenny)is an example of the relationship between criminal organisation and globalisation , this is the organisations that emerged in Russia and Eastern Europe following the fall of communism, because of this the Soviet state has regulated the prices of everything, however the Russian government deregulation most sectors of the economy except for oil. Anyone with access to funds, such as former communist officials and secret service generals could buy up oil, gas, diamonds or metals for next to nothing, then selling them abroad at an astronomical profit. ...read more.


Ulrich Beck talks about the ?Global Risk Society? meaning that things that humans to do the environment that harm it, for example green house gases. Green criminology takes a more radical approach in that it starts from the notion of harm rather than whether a criminal law has been broken. Different counties have different laws, so that the same harmful action in one country maybe legal in another. Green crimes come into two categories, primary and secondary. Primary crimes are crimes that result directly from the destruction of the earth?s resources and secondary crime is crime that grows out of the flouting of rules aimed at preventing or regulation environmental disasters. An example of a primary crime would be air pollution and an example of a secondary crime would be state violence against oppositional groups. ...read more.

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