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Gender Psychological Differences.

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Gender Psychological Differences The conflict between the man and the woman also can appear because of the gender psychological differences in the work place. The gender psychological differences are including age, race, religion, and culture. Age is the major gender psychological differences because each level of age has the differences when they are in working place. When a man was young and he always impulse in all things because his think of is not maturate. But when a woman is young she always thinks carefully than a man because she is maturating early than a man. ...read more.


This mean they are effect deeply by their own traditional view and their culture. This will tell us, different race of people has different habits and customs. Malaysia is a multiracial country. So, we must respect to other races. The work place conflict between a man and a woman maybe occurs in the race issue. By the way, we also can know that the conflict between Caucasian, the yellow race, and the black race. The Caucasian always think they are the best and they proud of their historical background. So they always despise the other two race people. Imperceptibly, they have the conflict between the different races. ...read more.


Culture also can produce a conflict. The man and woman in different culture also have differences in think. For example, much of people in china are conservative but much of people in United State are open-minded. This will also cause a conflict appear. The Japanese has the traditional ethics that men are superior to women and treatment of females as inferior to males. This mean the Japanese man is disallow the woman has the higher position than him. But in American the man and the woman are equality. If the united state woman become a boss to the Japanese man. This will cause the conflict occur. ...read more.

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