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Rastafarianism is a religion that was created in the early 1900 hundreds due to the social and poor economic conditions of the Black people in Jamaica.

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Rastafarianism is a religion that was created in the early 1900 hundreds due to the social and poor economic conditions of the Black people in Jamaica. The Rastafarian religious and political movement has come under great scrutiny by society because of its beliefs and traditions. They have been referred to as a violent cult not only in Jamaica, but also in America and Canada, where many of the members and affiliates have migrated. In my opinion these myths are not accurate, and I believe this religion is no different than any other religion of today. The followers of Rastafarianism believe that Haile Selassie the former Emperor of Ethiopia, is the Black Messiah who appeared in the flesh for the redemption of all Blacks exiled in the world of white oppressors. The movement views Ethiopia as the Promised Land. The group has no individual leadership. Most of the members are men from thirty-five to fifty-five years of age. The older members are either ex-Graveyites (related to Marcus Garvey) ...read more.


Haile Selassie claimed to be a direct descendant of King David, the 225th ruler in an unbroken line of Ethiopian Kings from the time of Solomon and Sheba. He and all his followers took great pride in being Black and wanted to regain the Black heritage that was lost by loosing faith straying from the holy ways. Rastafarians have some symbols. Their unique hairstyle known as the "dreadlocks" which many people feel is wild is one of the reasons the Rastafarians obtained a negative image in society. Rasta, which is short for Rastafarians, adopted the dreadlocks while in the hill country in Jamaica where the movement developed its early characteristics. Another trait that has contributed to the Rastafarian's unique image is their use of "ganja" (marijuana) in their rituals. For Rastafarians, smoking marijuana is a spiritual act, often accompanied by Bible study; they consider it a sacrament that cleans the body and mind, heals the soul, exalts the consciousness, facilitates peacefulness, brings pleasure, and brings them closer to Jah. ...read more.


There are two types of Rasta religious ceremonies. Reasoning is a simple event where the Rastafarians gather; smoke marijuana; and discuss ethical, social and religious issues. The person honored by being allowed to light the herb says a short prayer beforehand, and it is passed in a clockwise fashion except in time of war it is passed counterclockwise. A binghi or grounation is a holy day; the name binghi is derived from Nyabinghi, believed to be an ancient, and now extinct, order of militant blacks in eastern Africa that vowed to end oppression. Binghis are marked by much dancing, singing, feasting and the smoking of marijuana, and can last for several days. Some important dates when grounations may take place are: January 7 - Orthodox (Ethiopian) Christmas February 6 - Bob Marley's birthday April 21 - The anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie I visit to Jamaica, also known as Grounation Day. July 23 - The birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie I August 17 - The birthday of Marcus Garvey November 2 - The coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I ...read more.

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