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There could be no such thing as a prison in a truly Christian society.

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There could be no such thing as a prison in a truly Christian society. People who would disagree with this statement would argue that there is no better way of punishing a person, and it is the lesser of two evils, we could give them community service, but then they would be liable to roam the streets. Prison is order and protection; it protects society from criminals and reduces crime. Without a prison system, the streets would not be to walk, due to murders, rapists, stalkers etc. ...read more.


There are better ways of punishing criminals, tagging or community service. These prisons can cause anger towards law and order, and people may want to take revenge on the prison system, this can increase the crime rates. Prisons are inhumane. Jesus taught us to forgive people who sin. The guards in the prisons are given the right to play God, and most of these inmates are treated badly. Yes, there are re-form programmes, But they are very few and hard to get onto them, and really there is no chance of them re-forming, they will not re-form or become responsible citizens. ...read more.


In my own opinion, I think we do need prisons to keep those who can't obey the law, contained and protect society from them. I think more reform programmes should be added to lower re-offending rates. Longer sentences should be added for any violence an inmate creates while in prison, this would be a deterrent to stop violence. I also think that depending on there crime or type of person they are, there should be a separate prison for them to attend and are never released. There also needs to be justice in the world, and needs to be seen. Robert Gittins ...read more.

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