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Why didn't the Romans conquer crime?

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History Essay Why didn't the Romans conquer crime? I am going to write an essay explaining all the factors of Roman life in the crime situation such as their laws and the punishments they gave for committing crimes. Also I will be examining their police force and their prison punishments. And I will finally be explaining the public side to all this and the criminal rates of being caught. To prove that Romans did try to stop crime I am going to look at this part of their life, as we know the first roman laws to be discovered were the twelve tables (written in Latin).All crime in Rome was dealt with by the emperor and the senate. ...read more.


If you left the army you would have people throwing rocks at you and be beaten really badly. You could be sent down to the mines where you wouldn't last long or you could get tied to a cross. You might be exiled and lose your Roman citizenship. When the accused was in court they might try to look sad or scruffy to make the jury sorry for them. Below is a small picture of what a roman court would have been set out like. I have found that in Rome there was no effective police force; however the emperor's guard protected the emperor and stopped riots. The army acted as a police force in the provinces of the empire. ...read more.


would have to find their own evidence with the help of their friends and family and if they somehow managed to find any evidence they would have to take it to court and let the jury decide the fate of the crime. Most of the crime in Rome was never reported even though there was probably a lot of it. This was because it wasn't easy to catch criminals in Rome as their crimes were most often in the dark. If somebody posed the most common crime which was stealing clothes from a public bath they would be hard to catch because they may just be seemingly taking their own clothes if they had been in the public bath too. ...read more.

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