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What would be the most effective way to increase visitor numbers in Preston Hall Museum?

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Business Studies Coursework 'What would be the most effective way to increase visitor numbers in Preston Hall Museum?' Task 1- Introduction Preston Hall Museum was originally built in 1825 by a solicitor called David Burton Fowler. The museum is situated on the A135, on Yarm Road. In 1828 David Burton Fowler died, and it remained in the Fowler family, until 1882 when his great nephew sold the house for �27,500 to Robert Ropner. The family lived there until the 1920s-30s. During the 1st World War, it was used as a base for safety. Stockton Borough Council bought the house in 1948. In the summer of 1953 the Hall was opened as Stockton's first public museum to commemorate the coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. The museum was developed later when the service wing was transformed into a Victorian Street of shops with working craftsmen. The museum provides opportunities to visit rooms from the 1880s to 1960s. The museum also offers special displays, events and changing exhibitions. The aims of Preston Hall museum are to provide a service that caters for people; who need educational purposes; interests in the arts; social events e.g. days out and art fairs. ...read more.


Excise duties are taxes charged on products produced in the country. Corporation tax is a tax on a company's profits- if they are limited companies. Also the latest economic climate (the credit crunch) could mean low profits due to the lack of money people have to spend this means the museum might not be able to pay for labour or there electrical bills, possibly meaning it has to close down of the company. Political A political influence could be British Standards (BSI), BSI is the UK's National Standards body, and was the world's first standards. BSI certifies products and provides product testing services. This could affect the museum by being recognised as selling and providing efficient products and services, if consumers recognise the museum as being to these standards, this will encourage them to go and visit the museum. Technological Technology could affect the museum through if it can keep up with the advancements in technology, e.g. promotional methods on the internet, booking on the internet and efficient cash registers- so they can maximise their profits and have awareness to consumers. The task I have been set is important because if Preston Hall Museum does not make enough money to make significant profits, how will the museum be able to pay labour wages, electrical and gas bills, and be able to benefit from having the museum open. ...read more.


Also, weddings, hiring's, co-operative events and exhibitions help meet the needs of people coming to visit the museum for a day out. The products that the museum offer are the miniature railway and river below the museum- this could be for children, adults and children wanting a day out, these products would meet their needs to keep families and children entertained. The Victorian conservatory- for people interested in the Arts- for drawing and plants. Furthermore, the toys and souvenirs available in the shop could keep children entertained- a social reason. They have modified their main product- the museum by providing certain exhibitions and displays at different times in the year- to make sure that consumers visiting the museum do not get bored with the same attractions. Also, the different displays and exhibitions could fit in with what students and children are learning all year round, not just one certain topic. The museum also offers family fun days that involve all of the family, not just for children. The museum does not attract teenagers or young couples, possibly for social reasons. And it does not appear to target these markets, only on special events like family fun days out. Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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