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Analysis of how the organisational structure, culture and management style of the business affects its performance and operation and helps it to meet objectives.

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C2. Analysis of how the organisational structure, culture and management style of the business affects its performance and operation and helps it to meet objectives. J-Sainsbury's is a hierarchical organisation. The hierarchal structure starts from the Chairman (non-executive) and deputy chairman are at the highest level in the hierarchical and the rest come under them level by level, depending on the job. To reduce communication problems for Sainsbury's they can set up special systems to improve flow of information. One of Sainsbury's aims is to make shopping more quick and effortless for customers. In order to find out how this can be done the marketing and research department has to look into this case. By doing this Sainsbury's are able to meet their targets. As Sainsbury's have a hierarchical structure they are most likely to lose a lot of money because for the marketing and research and development departments to carry out their functions they would need funding from the finance department. For this information to get to the finance department a lot of time would have been wasted and also for the finance department to reply them, all these would cost them a lot of money. ...read more.


Advantages for the power culture of Sainsbury's is that the power culture would be successful for the business as when work is being done the communication of the workers together when given commands from the manager and having to work better for the manager to impress them in order for more work to be done and at a more efficient rate then if there was no pressure from the manager. Disadvantages would be that the workers would start to get stressed from having to complete the workload at too fast a pace for them to work at all times that they will start to work less and dislike there job and some days may not want to work as they are stressed to do work which is too much for them to cope as they are trying to hard to impress, this could lead to employees wanting to quit there job. Advantages are that when having to complete work set out by the manager to the employees it can be done efficiently so that the manager will be able to assess the employee and they could get a promotion to a higher part of there job. ...read more.


Operations between the businesses in Sainsbury's when using autocratic and power culture/style would have a good effect on the business for a short term as workers would do what the manager would want them to do straight away without having to ask any questions after. This would help Sainsbury's to achieve aims efficiently and at a faster pace. Disadvantages to this would be that when the workers are being given these orders all the time will begin to show effect on the workers being tired of not being able to speak up when not able to do so. Workers would eventually start to give up working in the way in which Sainsbury's would want and to achieve the likeliness that the workers would stay would be giving them benefits to the job at hand in order for them to think there is a point of working here and taking orders. The objectives in which Sainsbury's may achieve when using this would be faster work rate with employees having to compete with others in order to be in the limelight of the manager, which could gain the employee a raise or promotion in the future. Olalekan Akindele ...read more.

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