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Birmingham International Airport - Competitors

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Like any other airport, Birmingham International has enough competitors that want their own share of its market. The theory is the bigger the better, and better = more profit. This means that BIA will keep having to continually renew their prices so that they stay ahead of the market, and cause their opposition to loose out. I will now discover how BIA keeps ahead of their game, consistently from year to year. One way that BIA keeps ahead is making sure that the facilities that they offer are up to scratch at all times, and they constantly update them to meet demand, and maintain them if necessary (such as toilets etc). BIA have also displayed instances where they care for the customer, one by investing in the EuroHub tunnel, and the other by adding an 'Air-Rail' link to the airport, one of this have decreased the flight transfer times dramatically, and the other has made the travelling times lower than they were before. By creating and maintaining these type of facilities, they do not award their competitors the opportunity to beat them at their ...read more.


Alike with any business, BIA would encourage all customers to use the facilities more, an implying to use their competitors less! Despite this, you cannot persuade someone to travel from Heathrow to Birmingham so they can fly internationally, as this would not make sense if they could fly from their local airport, unless there were exquisite travel links, which took a fraction of the time that they should have. As a result of this, they would only try to tap the market that are available to them, which may result as far out as London, but if their campaigns produced results, then this would be all worth while. For example, London's Heathrow have an internal 'train' system that will connect you from terminal to terminal, which I have personally experiences. This is like no other, and the facilities that are provided by them are excellent (not that I have tried BIA's personally), so I would find that hard to beat. On the other hand, if the facilities of BIA are anything like theirs, then they would stand a chance of matching the size of Heathrow, but this would not happen with the right staff motivation, capital and long term experience. ...read more.


For example: * At the specified time period, BIA was the cheapest to fly to Barcelona * In spite of this, they were the most expensive to fly to Copenhagen (When compared to Gatwick and Heathrow) I believe that the reason that BIA cannot be the cheapest for all of the available flights is because of the fact that if a fly is not popular, they would not fly that often, so tickets may be more expensive (for advanced bookings). As everyone has witnessed over the past year or so, each of the airports has had to dramatically increase the security due to terror attacks. They've had to reduce the number of liquids that you may carry on a flight, and they have diverted even entire flights because they thought there was a suspected attack, where 99% of the time, the were wrong. This shows that competition for security is not always good, as it may put of even the most frequent flyers because of all of the security checks that are involved. Jay Shah Page 1 Unit 1 - 1D ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite good. The report states a number of measures which BIA is undertaking to ensure that there develop/expand for the near future. However I feel that the charts within the report could include a little ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite good. The report states a number of measures which BIA is undertaking to ensure that there develop/expand for the near future. However I feel that the charts within the report could include a little writing underneath to briefly explain each chart. The student understands that the business needs to ensure that there pricing of their products/service are correct to ensure that their offer competitive pricing to their consumers. Also the student understands the need for the business to not only provide an outstanding service with it's flights, but to ensure that all facilities within the airport are of high quality.

Level of analysis

The report states that BIA added an 'Air-Rail', which has reduced the amount of time consumers are awaiting for a flight. This is quite good, however the student hasn't explained why this is an advantage to consumers. The report could include 'BIA have introduced an Air-Rail to decrease the amount of time consumers wait for a flight, this would allow consumers to stay informed and allow consumers to arrive at a time when it suits each consumer. This ensures that there are not waiting around bored and frustrated at the airport'. The student has in-putted five different charts to show the cost at different airports, using five different situations. This is great, as this shows the exmainer that the student has undertaken research within the commercial environment. However for high marks, the student could include a little information regrading each chart, stating the overall key points within each chart. In addition, the report states how BIA cannot be the cheapest for all desentions, due to the demand may be low and this requires a higher price. The student has accessed the research and drawn clear and accurate conclusions from their findings.

Quality of writing

The writing style is quite good. The student makes clear sentences, which are easily readable. In addition, there is almost no errors in terms of spelling/grammar within the report.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 02/04/2012

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