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BTEC Business Unit 8: Business Online: The Benefits of Clowning Around Marketing Their Products and Services Online

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Unit 8: Business Online The Benefits of Clowning Around Marketing Their Products and Services Online Clowning Around is a party organising business. People, who want to set up a party, can contact Clowning around and as a result can use their service to hire balloons, party hats, could also supply people with fancy dress costumes, spoons, plates, party poppers etc. Now Clowning Around are ready to go online, with their own website advertising their business, and service, by offering all the above things mentioned. I will be discussing in this essay what the benefits are of trading online. The benefits that a business receives from trading online are that Clowning Around website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A website can never close, so therefore orders can be received at any time, day or night. ...read more.


They can also realise what offers rivals are offering the public and again match or better them, therefore generate more revenue than rivals. Another huge advantage is that a web presence provides the opportunity for them to respond swiftly to customers. Instead of responding by telephone or letter, it is a fact that responding through e-mail is the most rapid way of interaction. This will benefit the customer as they will, feel that they have received excellent service from the business; furthermore benefit the business as they will gain an excellent reputation amongst the public and this will continue to bring existing customers back and new customers in Another advantage is being able to find out how many people have visited the site. Log files, provide a business with site usage information and gives them valuable market information. ...read more.


Another huge advantage is that having a website online, people who are disabled and are unable to reach the Clowning Around shop can visit the website and order off of there, this would also apply to people who live in the countryside and in other rural areas. These people also would never being able to visit Clowning Around and use their services, without visiting their website. This will benefit the business as they will be gaining recognition for their services and increase their income from areas which they would normally earn from. In conclusion, I believe if Clowning Around is to be successful, they will need to start to trade online, as I believe that the benefits that they will receive such as huge amount of profit, will help the business and help them continue to be successful, and possibly turn them into one of the biggest party organising businesses on the market. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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