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BTEC Business Unit 8: Business Online: Staffing, Financial & Distribution Issues A Business Organisation Operating Online Should Consider

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Unit 8: Business Online: Staffing, Financial & Distribution Issues A Business Organisation Operating Online Should Consider. Staffing Issues Potential Outsourcing of Key Functions Developing and online presence will cause problems for staff, but it does depend on the size of the operation. Potential outsourcing of key functions, this will possibly require you to, hire an agency which can help you create and develop the Clowning Around site. You may also desire to pay for a specialist hosting company. They will make sure that the Clowning Around site is secure and will regularly run maintenance checks, to identify any problems. Take into account the fact that only in large organisations do they employ, a specialists. Using e-marketing exports will also help to promote the site. Use of Call Centres Nearly every single large business organisation will have a website, examples include, Nike, Adidas, and many more. Most of these businesses have now introduced call centres, which are used to communicate with customers regarding a certain issue. This is classed as an external operation. Many organisations will also hire, fully trained specialist to deal with customer problems, as a result, they will be able to give the required information to the customer, on how to resolve their problem. ...read more.


Set-Up Expenses Offset Against Uncertain Future Revenue Streams It does not matter what type of site that you are planning to design, it is imperative that you have made a budget before the site becomes operational, the budget must be in relation of what the aims of the business that is trading online are. It will harder for any business to predict the future and development costs, as well as to calculate income, this will all depend on how successful the site is and how rapidly it achieves it's objectives. The key performance indicators for any business trading online will be, the number of visitors to the site, action visitors have taken e.g. purchasing goods, the number of visitors who have bought off of site, the average order site per visitor and the cost to obtain each new customer. Ability to Cope With Massively Increased Market Interest Any business that has gone online will realise that they will be producing extra income. The only problems with having a website are that, the site may start to break down if there is a massive amount of people trying to access the site at the same time. ...read more.


The time limit that they have, in which to send the products to their destination, will also be taken into account. Special Requirements When sending off products, it is imperative that particular goods are taken care of. Fragile goods are a prime example of goods that must be specially packaged before they are ready to be dispatched. This will therefore stop the goods being damaged whilst transported. Fragile goods can be packaged with polystyrene, or another type of protective substance, as this will protect the product. People, who may have to lift these types of goods, must be aware of the risks and the precautions that must be taken; this can be done, by instructions being provided with the product. Ease of Distribution of Services It is far easier for a business when they are only providing a service rather than actually providing products. The reasons for this are, there will be no need to physically move anything. They may perhaps still receive charges as VAT will be taken into account. However all the other costs will entirely depend on the costs of managing and administering the service, for example, online insurance quotations, booking flights and hotel rooms, applying for a job through an online recruitment site etc. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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